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Review: Allosaurus vs. Camarasaurus (Dinosauria by Sideshow Collectibles)

4.3 (11 votes)
Original photos by Jeremy Killian

At a whopping 26 inches long, Sideshow’s latest Dinosauria diorama is their largest piece yet (though it will be unseated from this position when their Spinosaurus arrives in winter). Tom Gilliland collaborated with a large team of artists, including such greats as Steve Riojas, David Krentz, and Jorge Blanco, on what he considers to be his favorite piece in the line.

Review: Camarasaurus (Dinotales Series 7, by Kaiyodo)

4.9 (8 votes)
Review and photos by DinoLord
Camarasaurus was the most common sauropod in the Morrison Formation, which is mainly distributed in present day Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Many different fossils have been found, including some complete and even fully articulated specimens, so it is surprising that this dinosaur isn’t made more often in toy form.

Review: Camarasaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2.6 (5 votes)

When designing a figure, it is a chance for a designer to be creative, come up with new ideas of what they could have looked like, using the fossil evidence and their imagination. Or you could simply plagiarise, which seems to often be Geoworld’s choice. This review looks to one of their figures from the second expedition, Camarasaurus, a Sauropod from the late Jurassic.

Review: Camarasaurus (Kaiyodo Dinoland Natural History)

4.5 (8 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

Part 2 of Kaiyodo Dinoland Natural History review series

A long time ago, I traveled back in time. Well, not exactly, more like a road trip through time to some of the most scenic and fossil rich place in the America west.In this trip I visited the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah.

Review: Camarasaurus (The Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd.)

4.4 (16 votes)
The Late Jurassic landscape of North America would not have been complete without its most abundant sauropod resident, Camarasaurus. Meaning “chambered lizard” due to its chambered vertebrae, Camarasaurus was among the earliest sauropod genera to be described in detail, likely due to the fact that its discovery occurred right in the middle of the famous “Bone Wars” between American paleontologists Edward D.
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Review: Camarasaurus (Tip Toi by Ravensburger)

3.8 (4 votes)
A TipToi is an orange electronic device by German company Ravensburger that looks like a gigantic pen. With its rays it scans micropatterns on fields triggering certain sound sequences the pencil reveals. Each program has to be loaded directly into the pen via USB link from the internet.

Review: Camarasaurus (Waiphoon)

3.6 (5 votes)
The well known and abundant late Jurassic sauropod, Camarasaurus, is seldom counted as a favorite among dinosaur enthusiasts. True, it’s not the largest or most elegant example of the group. In fact, looking at the skeletal elements and the skull especially, it might be tempting to call this dinosaur ugly.

Review: Camarasaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.9 (23 votes)

The Morrison formation of the western United States has provided us with some of the most iconic dinosaur genera ever discovered. Even as new larger or more flamboyant species are discovered and described in this current golden age of paleontology the classics continue to endure in the public eye; Allosaurus and Stegosaurus for example, and the sauropods; Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Diplodocus among others.

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