Carcharodontosaurus (Recur)

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The frightful Carcharodontosaurus derives its name from its razor-sharp teeth, which resemble a great white shark’s. Although it shared its range in Late Cretaceous Africa with Spinosaurus, the two animals probably avoided conflict by pursuing different prey.


Recur’s rendition of Carcharodontosaurus stands 12.5 cm tall and measures about 21 cm long. It is sculpted in a rather extreme active pose with its mouth wide open, its head and upper torso turning sharply to the right, its arms raised, its right foot placed forward and its left foot far back, and the tip of its tail twitching to the right as well. Perhaps the great killer has cornered a frightened Ouranosaurus, or perhaps it’s circling a rival, ready for a bloody clash. Or maybe it’s engaged in a mating dance. In any case, it’s an interesting pose, even if it does result in the much despised tripod stance.


Most of the Carcharodontosaurus‘ body is coloured a dull muddy green with orange wash. The underbelly is greyish-green, the feet are dark green, the claws are black, the eyes are orange, the mouth is dark pink with yellowish teeth, the nostrils are black, and there are light green stripes running down the back, thighs, and tail. As far as colour schemes go, this one is not as striking as the CollectA version, but more so than the one from Wild Safari.


The skin texture is scaly with a combination of faint and heavy wrinkles. The hind feet are covered in thick scales and the claws have faint grooves. A row of iguana-like spines runs from the back of the skull to nearly the end of the tail. The huge head is immediately recognizable as Carcharodontosaurus, with a long, sloping muzzle and pronounced brow ridges, There is, however, a clear case of shrink wrapping going on, with the nostrils, fenestrae, and orbits visible beneath the skin. This toy also commits the sin of pronated wrists. Finally, there’s a thick and noticeable seam running through the abdomen.


This Carcharodontosaurus has its accuracy problems, but like many of the Recur toys, it makes up for those faults with a strong dose of attitude. This is a rampaging monster, a deliverer of death, an insatiable behemoth, great for displays and dioramas. Not to mention tough and durable.


Thanks go out to Recur for this sample.

Available from Recur’s AliExpress store

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