Coelacanth (Wild Safari Prehistoric World by Safari Ltd)

4.9 (14 votes)

This review has moved to the Animal Toy Blog Although the figure is a modern animal, it is part of the ‘Prehistoric World’ line by Safari Ltd, so I’ll leave this link here on the Dinosaur Toy Blog in perpetuity.

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  • The eyes are what got me into buying this magnificent piece of plastic. They have that ‘The Fishy Dead’ look. Zombie fish!! But yeah, awesome details like its scales, head, fins and all, even its blue-slate coloring, make this model as if it’s swimming out of your nightmares. Gone fishing!!

  • As old as this review is, I’m really glad to have come across it! As one of those kids who could pronounce Parasaurolophus before I could read, I became enamored with this “dinosaur fish” fish when I encountered a book on it in my elementary school library, and read it at least four times. I skeptical as to the accuracy of this figure (the amazon photos for all of Safari and Carnegie’s products seem to be extremely poorly shot and unflattering), so it’s nice to see accurate photos and to know that it’s worth my money!

  • Well researched and nicely written review. I now have two of these, but as I need more for diorama purposes, I will be getting at least two extras. Even though extant, their lineage is such that they fit nicely and unobtrusively into prehistoric underwater scenes. A superlative item, and I am grateful to Safari for sculpting it. Good review.

  • I didn’t knew about the eyes. I thought they looked a bit unfinished, so good to know it’s a realistic thing!

  • Wow! That is some fish!

  • Most definitely on my list, this one. 😀

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