Cryolophosaurus (Terra Series by Battat)

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Well we’re three-fourths of the way through the new Terra series by Battat. At least, with the models released so far. No need to introduce the company to our readers at this point or discuss the fan fair generated by these new models. No real need to introduce the species we’re reviewing either. Cryolophosaurus ellioti is a bit of a fan favorite for those of us “in the know” where dinosaurs are concerned. Sure, normal folks may not be familiar with the genus but we’re not normal folks, just look at how excited we are for these toys! Nope, most of us are already familiar with the early Jurassic theropod from Antarctica described in 1994. In fact, most of us probably already own the Carnegie Collection take on this crested tetanuran.


Measuring 6” in length this figure is a 1:40 scale replica of the 20’ plus carnivore. Sculpted by Dan LoRusso, this is naturally a very accurate model. You won’t find bunny hands or tail draggers in this new series. In fact, this model is not even a tripod. It is capable of standing on two legs which is rare for theropod models. I don’t know if it was intended to stand this way because the tail does dip down and can support the model but at least with mine it doesn’t need to. That may become necessary however if the legs warp, which they often do. And oh yes, I should mention that the mouth on this model is closed! I think I speak for a lot of collectors when I say we’re tired of mouth-breathing theropod models. Although it is often nice to get a look at the palate, tongue and dental anatomy of a theropod toy, the more natural looking closed mouth is more appealing, at least to this collector. The model looks agile and alert and is sculpted in mid-stride while looking towards the left. A series of knobby scutes are sculpted from the back of the head and down the neck.


The paint job might be the best of all the models in the new Battat line. Though I’m not normally a fan of green dinosaur toys this model executes its chosen colors well with interesting patterns. Dark green dorsally and light green laterally the two shades are separated by brownish maroon colored edging. Maroon colored spots can be seen along the back and various other places and the edging again appears between the lateral green coloration and the creamy white underside. The feet and most of the tail are also white but bands and spots decorate the tail. The head is light green as well with a dark green mask over the eyes and white lower jaw. The characteristic crest is dark red. The combination of colors and patterns make the model realistic looking but not boring, it looks like a creature evolved to hunt in dark dense undergrowth. Unfortunately there are places where the paint application is a bit sloppy. That said, this is kind of the norm for a lot of Battat models. At least they are consistent. In fact, all of the new Battat models fit in nicely with the older collection which is commendable given the long gap between their production.


So what we’re left with here is a bipedal, closed mouth, accurate and interestingly painted 1:40 scale model of a fascinating theropod, and it’s cheap and readily available to boot! What’s not to love? If you are having a hard time locating these models go check out “Dan’s Dinosaurs” where he currently has them for sale. If you live near a Target store in the United States, keep an eye out there. They should be getting them in shortly if they aren’t already in stock.

Available from eBay here.

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  • Cryolophosaurus is a very interesting animal! I really like this figure. Its pose is interesting and its colours are nice. I also like that it has a nice beefy tail as it would have in life. Too many theropod toys have tails that are too thin and skeletal due to their tail muscles being restored too small.

    I noticed that out of both the first 4 Battat Terra dinosaurs, and what was originally going to be the first 6 Terra dinosaurs (Cryolophosaurus, Dacentrurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Nanshiungosaurus, Gastonia, Gigantoraptor), Cryolophosaurus is the only one without a beak! 🙂

  • I love this battat terra series, they are simply awesome, I just want more models I wonder if they are planning to make a sauropod…on scale with the line

    • Yeah, the Battat line is excellent! It’s hard waiting for new Battat dinosaurs! It’s been almost half a year since the first four Battat Terra dinosaurs were released, so I’m hoping the next ones will be released soon. Dan LoRusso, the sculptor of the figures confirmed all the Battat dinosaurs are in 1:40 scale. Europasaurus is one of the upcoming Battat Terra dinosaurs.

  • I like how the feet of this model are actually fleshy and padded like they would be in life. Too many dino models have scrawny toes that could never support the animal in life.

    • Are you serious? I thought that was a problem for the model. Am I missing something?

      • Probably because you’re used to seeing models from Carnegie and the like. Heck, even modern bird feet are typically just skin over bone in appearance but you have to consider that even a modest size theropod like Cryolophosaurus had a lot of weight to support and some cushion on the feet seems likely. If you look at the feet of some larger birds like emu and ostrich you’ll see they’re pretty well padded.

        • I learn something every once in a while im in this community. You are right, I am used to the way Carnegie Makes there Dinosaurs feet.

          • It’s not something you normally think about until you see a model like this. I’m used to the Carnegie theropods too but when you really think about it they are awfully thin and bony looking.

    • I agree with Christopher about the feet of this model. It was one of the first things I noticed when I unwrapped it at home. Mine will stand for a while and then fall over, but I quite like the “fleshy” and solid look of the feet. This is a really nice model.

  • Nice review. It might be just me but this figure does kind of remind me of the Battat Ceratosaurus, mainly in the color scheme.

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