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Review: Cryolophosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

4 (27 votes)

Cryolophosaurus is famous for its handsome crest and for being the largest known theropod from Antarctica, and the largest known one from the Early Jurassic period for that matter. Its classification has long been something of a puzzlement, but a 2020 study concluded that it was a derived neotheropod related to the famous Dilophosaurus.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.3 (19 votes)
The unusual theropod Cryolophosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur from the Early Jurassic and the most complete dinosaur known from Antarctica. This fascinating dinosaur is one of two new additions to the Carnegie Collection line in 2010. Their second offering, the first ever Carnegie ichthyosaur, is another figure to look forward to this year.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (CollectA)

1.5 (16 votes)
Guest post by John Hall
Many people are fascinated by the mythology of Atlantis, the legend that there was once an entire continent that was lost to the rest of the world when Atlantis sunk beneath the waves during some awful, ancient cataclysm. Less widely appreciated however, is the fact that the icy wastes of Antarctica represent a real-life Atlantis – real in the sense that Antarctica truly is a “lost continent”, a world completely obliterated by an ancient climate disaster.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (Dinosaurs by Schleich)

1.5 (21 votes)

Review and photographs by Stolpergeist, edited by Suspsy

Schleich had a strong release year in 2019 and the upcoming 2021 releases look quite promising. The 2020 releases, however, received a lot of criticism among collectors and thus didn’t get much attention. Today, I am taking a closer look at one of those releases, the Cryolophosaurus, and will examine it to find out where this flak came from.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

3.6 (8 votes)

Greetings DinoWaurriors! Once again I delve into the world of blind bag collectables to see what comes from it! This time, Cryolophosaurus is our focus, a great reptile of Antarctica’s Late Jurassic period. Let’s see if this edition of ‘Elvisaurus’ is a big hunk o’ love, or if we will return to sender.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2.8 (5 votes)

Fossils from the polar regions are a rarity, and it often boggles the mind to think of dinosaurs in the ice and snow of places like Antarctica. During the Late Jurassic, Antarctica was part of Gondwanaland, so was warmer and host to a large number of dinosaurs, such as the theropod Cryolophosaurus, nicknamed “Elvisaurus” for its phenomenal crest.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (Terra Series by Battat)

4.3 (15 votes)
Well we’re three-fourths of the way through the new Terra series by Battat. At least, with the models released so far. No need to introduce the company to our readers at this point or discuss the fan fair generated by these new models. No real need to introduce the species we’re reviewing either.
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