Dilophosaurus (Savage Strike)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

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Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

The Legacy Collection line is one of the most controversial assortments of the Mattel Jurassic World toy line, what with having very poor distribution worldwide except for the most part in the US, and only at Target stores due to it being a retailer exclusive (exceptions being the Spinosaurus, etc). There was a squirting Dilophosaurus and a jumping Velociraptor, based upon their Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III counterparts, that ultimately ended up canceled for reasons unknown, which is just another strike into it suffering from poor distribution. Thankfully the sculpts have been able to see the light of day (even though the quilled raptor is just a modified version of the previous jumping raptor sculpt), by being repainted and incorporated into the 2019 Dino Rivals Savage Strike assortment. This review will feature on the Dilophosaurus.

Initially, the reveal of this Dilophosaurus was met with some criticism and disappointment, which is understandable due to the Legacy Collection version being canceled. There are also its wild color choices, mainly being purple with the frill featuring splotches of red and yellow. Moving past that, I think the figure’s sculpt meets my expectations for the most part. It has the articulation like the previous Attack Pack version of the Dilophosaurus, at the limbs and the frill, but also features some really wide jaw articulation (similar to the Destruct-A-Saurs one). The sculpting detail is nice, and is very film accurate (though not quite scientifically accurate), especially in regards to the head sculpt.

The figure is mostly plastic aside from the rubbery tail and the belly, which is tied in to the squirting action feature. The action feature was rather disappointing for me, at least if one were to compare it to the original Kenner figure. Unless I was doing something wrong, the figure does a poor job retaining water, and can only give one good squirt. Also worth mentioning is that the hole in the mouth for the squirting feature is able to hold any of the spit accessories from the Attack Pack Dilophosaurus figures.

When compared to any of the Attack Pack figures, one will notice that the figure is slightly larger, and has a longer tail as well. The figure measures about 7.5 inches/19 cm long by 4 inches/10 cm tall. As mentioned before, the color scheme is a bit on the wild side, featuring purple for the body, yellow and red paint splotches for the front of the frill, white for the belly, and red around the eyes and on the crests. I think it suits the sculpt well, even if I might still be disappointed the Legacy Collection version was never released (although if one is looking for a mostly film accurate one, there is at least the one from the Legacy 6 pack bundle which featured in one of my previous reviews).

This figure has seen wide release in Walmart stores recently, and has been available on Amazon, at least in the US.

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