Legacy 6-Pack (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

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Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

I ended up picking up this Legacy Collection 6 pack during the 2018 holiday season while it was on clearance at Target, after waiting most of the year being indecisive about it. I’ve decided it’s definitely a nice little set of figures, even if most are repaints. There’s a figure of Dr. Alan Grant, a Compsognathus, a grey Velociraptor (which, eye color aside, may work as a stand in for the first film’s female raptors), a teal Velociraptor, an orange Gallimimus, and a Dilophosaurus sporting a mostly film accurate paint scheme. Also worth mentioning is that background in the images for this review, and many of my other recent JW reviews, is also included in this set’s packaging. One can easily pull it out of the box and use it, if one so desires.

I will not be focusing on the Grant figure for this review, only the creatures. The first one I’ll be covering is the tiny Compsognathus, which is the same one included with the standalone figure of Grant. It doesn’t have much sculpt detail, and its eyes have not been painted, but for how small it is, and for any species completist, it’s something. It does have an action feature of sorts, in that it is made of a bendable rubber material and can be wrapped around a human figure’s arms or legs, if not something else (such as another dinosaur, or even the Legacy Collection Jeep, as I have seen others do).

The teal Velociraptor is a repaint of the Legacy Collection orange jumping version. The sculpt is based upon the female raptor from Jurassic Park III, with the crests on the snout and the lack of quills. The color scheme may have been inspired by, or based upon the green striped Velociraptor featured in the mural of the Visitor Center from the first film, which would be an appropriate addition to a pack that seems to be mostly inspired by the first film (minus the Compsognathus). The action feature works by pushing down the raptor and then releasing it to make it leap, with varying levels of success. The figure also features arm articulation much like many of the other figures in the line (such as the Battle Damage figures or the Roarivores) and has neck and jaw articulation. It does not have articulation at the legs because of the action feature.

The grey Velociraptor is a repaint of Attack Pack Blue. While not completely accurate to the color scheme of the raptors in the first film, it’s close to how they appeared, with their coloration muted in comparison to the more vibrant maquette, with the exception of the eye color, which should be a light yellow-green coloration. Like AP Blue (and the many repaints of that figure), it only features arm, leg, and jaw articulation.

The next figure is the orange and brown Gallimimus, which is another repaint of the Attack Pack version, which also suffers the same issue of having trouble standing except in a tripod pose. It has neck, arm, and leg articulation, and the neck articulation in particular can be used to create a feeding or drinking pose. The color scheme is not really film accurate when compared with the likes of the Battle Damage or standalone Legacy Collection figures, however, but it can add some variety for anyone building a herd.

The Dilophosaurus is perhaps the most film accurate dinosaur in the set. For now, it is also the only option for a mostly film accurate Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus in the Mattel line, as the highly desired standalone spitting Legacy Collection version was canceled (although the sculpt has been released and repainted for the Savage Strike line recently). It is a repaint of the Attack Pack figure, and also comes with a small spit blob accessory (though it is green instead of black like in the film) which can be stuck inside its mouth. It has articulation at the frill, arms, and legs. The tail is made of a soft rubbery material, interestingly enough.

This set does not seem to be sold in Target stores anymore (for those in the US), so unless one gets lucky, third party sellers are now the best bet if you desire this set. I’m not sure if this set was ever sold outside the US either, which in turn may make it harder to come by.

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