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The skull of Dracorex was found in the Hell Creek Formation in the United States and dates back to the Maastrichtian age at the very end of the age of dinosaurs.  Its full name, Dracorex hogwatsia, translates to “Dragon King of Hogwarts” which pretty much makes it the coolest official name in science ever.  The reason for this name is the fact that its skull, covered in a series of spikes and horns give it the appearance of a mythical dragon straight out of one of renowned author, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.  Recently it has been speculated that Dracorex is actually a juvenile form of its close relative, Pachycephalosaurus.

This procon Dracorex is an interesting figure but it’s not devoid of faults.  The first think I notice about it is its giant head.  It appears to be way too large in proportion to its body.  Also the snout itself seems to be a little bit too elongated and almost has a horse-like appearance to it.  The tail could also be a bit longer and the torso seems to be especially rotund and barrel shaped.

The figure also has its strengths regarding scientific accuracy as well.  One thing that really impressed me was when I looked at the top of the figure’s head.  The arrangement of the horns and cavities on the top of the head matches almost perfectly with those of the actual animal’s skull that was found.  Another refreshing thing about this figure is that it can balance comfortably on its two legs without the aid of its tail as a third “leg”.  That’s always a plus with bipedal dinosaur toys.

The body of the figure isn’t that detailed.  There are many little scales sculpted here and there but it’s not completely covered in them which usually look’s more realistic.  The head, however, is really finely detailed and looks very nice close up.  The color is mostly light green with widely spaced darker green stripes going from the neck all the way to the tail.  The underbelly is orange and the feet, beak and inside of the hands are very dark brown.  The head is light brown and the horns are red.  The figure’s eyes are orange with slit pupils.  The slit pupil seems like a weird choice for this dinosaur and Procon seems to apply the same look to a lot of their other figures as well.

Procon’s Dracorex is certainly an oddball in any collection.  It definitely has its inaccuracies but since its of such a weird species of dinosaur, I had to get it.  If you really like marginocephale dinosaurs (ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs) like me than I recommend you get this piece.  The fact that Dracorex could turn out to be an invalid species in the future sort of amps up its appeal to me even more since it then may be seen as a sort of little piece of history and also could cease to be made into toy form.  This figure should be available anyplace where other Procons are sold, here on Amazon or here on Ebay for example.

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Comments 17

  • Ae you suggesting it should be sent to the guillotine? ;D

  • It’s like they were looking really closely at the skull, but after that they were like ‘Ehhhhh, screw it’, and gave it a generic bipedal dinosaur body without bothering to make it in scale with the head.

  • This CollectA dracorex looks like, well, if CollectA made a Dracorex. Exactly as one would imagine it to look when hearing of the company/species – combination.
    Pretty neutral, he? My opinion: It´s okay, but definitely no highlight.

  • I thought a different toy company made a dracorex. Did they?

  • Es un animal bastante mal hecho lo tengo en mi extensa colección pero en el mejor de los casos se asemejaría más a un Stylimoloch por los cuernos.
    Todavía no no se ha hecho un pachycephalosaurido decente a mi entender.

    • It def does not look more like a stygimoloch than a dracorex. The figure’s horns are replicated almost exactly after a draco’s. Plus it has no dome. There is no mistaking it for anything other than a dracorex regardless of how poor the sculpt is.

  • I guess, then, it can’t be saved :-/

    A wonder how papo could pull one off! It’d be nice and spikey for sure.

  • Yeah I agree with you, Cordy, it is quite ugly. I even stated in the review the only reason I really got it was because its a Dracorex, not because its a perfect figure. 🙂 The blog can’t have ONLY great figures reviewed right?

    • Also keep in mind that the real animal wouldn’t have been winning any beauty contests to begin with. 😉

    • You’re right, we can’t have only great figures reviewed, just look at all the papo reviews here 😉

      I guess I should restate what I mean by ugly – even the most ugly dinosaurs were beautiful in their own ways, but this figure suffers from poor sculpting, odd extremities, and poor details. Hopefully a moderately respectable dracorex will be made sometime in the future.

      Would this figure work if it’s head was sawed off and put on another pachycephalosaur’s body?

      • I knew what you meant. I don’t know how well your idea would work out because like I stated in the review, even the head itself is too long. The snout should be much shorter. basically this figure’s only appeal is the fact that its of such a bizarre species.

  • I have him and think he’s cute.

  • That is one UGLY figure. Not even your good review could save it 😉 I wish procon would have spent more time on this one. And the rest of their figures…

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