Edaphosaurus (Bullyland)

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Photos by Lanthanotus

This figure is not a dinosaur but a very felicitous reconstruction of a plant-eating pelycosaur from the Lower Permian Period. Once again, Bullyland have proved that they are able to create realistic and authentic figures of extinct animals.

I said felicitous because the Bullyland Edaphosaurus is very authentic in many aspects. The skin pattern is very detailed and its colouring is credible, yet perhaps a little bit boring. The shape of the head is realistic; the brim of the sail on the back is red with two red dots in the middle, maybe for intimidation of competitors, maybe for courtship, maybe for physiological reasons.

There is another aspect I appreciate: the reconstruction does not look like it is made of rubber, but because of the colouring and skin pattern, more like a resin version of a higher quality.

Altogether I recommend this figure to every collector who is not only fixed on dinosaurs but wants to extend his collecting passion on other extinct animals. A great contribution to every collection!

The figure can occasionally be found on Ebay

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  • This is a great litle guy! I agree with all that’s been written. I also agree with Sbell’s comment. He does look great with the Carnegie Dimetrodon, especially the newer version.

    I remember when I started collecting dinosaur replicas again about a decade ago, I was adding the Edaphosaurus to my order on the phone. Even though it was still listed on the store’s site, the guy told me that they had just sold the very last one that morning. I was heart-broken! Then, later that day, the same sales clerk called me back and said he found one back in the storage room, hidden beneath some trash. He asked me if I would want him to add it to my order. Duh!

    So, I not only got their absolute last one, but, I got the very last one they didn’t even know they had!

    Keep an eye out for this one. He’s definitely worth having in your collection! Sometimes great things come in small packages.

  • Nice review! This looks like a very nice figure.
    Also, Sbell, I love the Bullyland Dimetrodon, but its not very accurate.

  • It’s too bad that, like many of the best from Bullyland, this one got discontinued so quickly–it is a great companion piece for the Carnegie Dimetrodon (the less said about the Bullyland Dimetrodon, the better).

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