Edmontonia (CollectA)

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Edmontonia is named after the Edmonton Formation (now called the Horseshoe Canyon Formation) in which it was found. As a nodosaurid, it lacked a bony club at the end of its tail, but made up for that with its formidable array of shoulder spikes.


The CollectA Edmontonia was released back in 2010. The back armour and spikes are coloured grass green while the flanks and underside gradually fade to a very pale green. There are also some very faint brown accents on the back and the hind legs. The hooves are light grey and the eyes are pale orange. It’s a pretty simple colour scheme, but it looks nice. And as I’ve noted in other ankylosaur toy reviews, I’m always happy to see one that isn’t brown.


The Edmontonia measures 14 cm long. It is in a relaxed pose with its right front paw raised, its head turned to the right, and its tail swaying to the left. The unarmoured limbs and underside have a pitted texture with bulging muscles on the thighs and heavy wrinkles on the belly. The back armour consists of dozens and dozens of keeled plates, with the largest ones over the shoulders. The top of the head is protected by thick plates. And then there are the huge spikes jutting out from the animal’s neck and around the shoulders. These would serve as excellent weapons against a marauding tyrannosaur, especially if the Edmontonia decided to charge! Alternatively, the spikes could have come in handy for species recognition or display.


So how accurate is this toy? Well, given that it’s one of CollectA’s older toys, you might be surprised to learn that it ranks rather high. The proportions appear to be correct, as is the appearance and alignment of the armour. The only error is that there are three toes on each hind foot instead of four.


I must admit, the CollectA Edmontonia wasn’t on my radar until my stock of toys to review became precariously low (and it’s steadily getting there once again), but now that I have it, I think it’s a quite good toy. A worthwhile and easily affordable purchase.


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  • […] is a popular genus of nodosaurid that has been produced by toy companies many times over the years. CollectA, Schleich, and Battat have all taken a crack at the beast with fairly good results. Edmontonia is a […]

  • I love this one–consider it to be some other form of nodosaurid… The hips may be a bit narrow and the back a bit too arched, if the current interpretation of the Edmontonia armor is correct. Still, it has a simple grace that can’t be ignored…

  • For me one of the most beautiful figures of the first stage of Collecta, other than that is not a figure colourfulness and most importantly within the paleontological point is pretty well done.

    One of my favorite figures and makes a good match with edmontonia Schleich.

  • A lot like the Minmi, its a very nice sculpt that is hampered by a a uniform paint job that doesn’t highlight its details.

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