Euoplocephalus (AAA)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

Ankylosaurs are often a popular group for toy companies to make. Like armoured tanks on legs, complete with a powerful club on the tail, these are very eye-catching and attractive to young children. As was the case with today’s review subject: Euoplocephalus by AAA, a toy company that was readily available when I was five years old or so. As the second largest ankylosaur, you’d think Euoplocephalus would be more readily available on the market, but most ankylosaur figures are Ankylosaurus. So does this stand out from the other ankylosaur toys? Let’s see . . .


At 7.7” long from head to club and 2.3” high, this is a large, yet squat figure, quite appropriate for an ankylosaur. The colouring is fairly basic, mostly turquoise and light greens, with muddy brown for the underbelly. It’s not exactly eye-catching, but it works for a large herbivore. The pose is very dynamic: a curved body, head lowered, and tail raised, perhaps defending itself from a hungry Gorgosaurus.


AAA figures are mixed bags where accuracy is concerned: sometimes good, sometimes not. This figure generally falls into the ‘sometimes good’ category, as there aren’t too many flaws on it. The head is correct, with a slight ridge over its eyes and being generally small and wide. The neck isn’t too long, the osteoderms are the correct sizes (with the exception of the long ones by the tail), and there none on the limbs or tail. There are flaws though. Namely, each foot has five digits, which is wrong as fossils show that there should only be four metacarpals on the front limbs and three on the back ones. Aside from this, however, it is a fairly accurate figure.


What often makes AAA figures great for children is the nature of the plastics used. They are often fairly soft and rubbery, less inclined to break if dropped, or to cause great damage if thrown at a sibling. Euoplocephalus is a great example. It is very flexible and rubbery, allowing it to be bent and flexed easily (especially in the tail, as shown in the picture below). I have been bending and twisting the tail for years, with no damage or breakage to the figure. This can easily withstand rough play.


This is a great figure all round. It has served me well since I was six, and I dare say will continue to do so. It is a retired figure, and not easy to find. As usual, eBay is the best bet. If looking for something for a child to play with, this will do you well.


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