Euoplocephalus (Terra Series by Battat)

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Euoplocephalus is one of the largest and best-known ankylosaurids, with several nearly complete fossil specimens. Indeed, many popular depictions of Ankylosaurus in books, movies, and yes, toy lines, are actually based on Euoplocephalus.


Feast your eyes on the reissued Battat Terra series Euoplocephalus. It measures a good 16 cm long and is slightly over 5 cm wide at the hips. Its main colours are dark grey and dull brown with chocolate brown for the muzzle and tail club, pale yellow osteoderms, dark grey claws, orange eyes, and a pink tongue. It’s a slightly more elaborate colour scheme than the original version, and it works rather well.


The Euoplocephalus is posed in a battle-ready stance with its legs planted firmly. The head is lowered, the tail is raised, and both are turned to the left, in the direction of an imaginary adversary. Perhaps a hungry Albertosaurus is on the prowl. Good luck, brave theropod.


The armoured surface of the Euoplocephalus‘ back and tail has a pitted texture and the large spikes are grooved. The limbs and underside, meanwhile, are covered in thick wrinkles. The top of the skull is protected by countless knobs and the eyes are shielded by heavy palpebral bones. Makes sense given that the name Euoplocephalus means ‘true plated head.’


Accuracy-wise, this ankylosaurid seems quite impressive. It has the correct number of toes on its front and rear feet, stout, stumpy legs, and appropriately wide hips. The many spikes and osteoderms adorning the back appear to be properly arranged, as are the bands on the front part of the torso and the tail, and also the large sacral shield over the pelvis. But whereas the real Euoplocephalus had two cervical half-rings protecting its neck, this toy only has one. I think this can be forgiven though.


Indeed, the Battat Euoplocephalus ranks as one of the finest ankylosaurid toys to date. Strongly recommended for sure! A real shame it’s only available at US-based Target stores.

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