Gallimimus (AAA)

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Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy

In recent years, the pantheon of ornithomimosaur figures has expanded more than ever before. Though still an underrepresented family of dinosaurs, these omnivorous/herbivorous theropods are very interesting oddities that only a few companies have tried to represent. Here is AAA’s attempt at a bird-mimic: Gallimimus, one of the largest members of the family.


At 7.4” wide and 5.7” high, this is an appropriately large yet skinny figure, certainly fitting in with other larger scale lines. The pose isn’t the most dynamic, but it does represent the animal well; running away from predators or pacing around to get food. This does lead to one issue: while nicely avoiding a tripod stance, it can be hard to get it to stand on its own (hence why mine has a supportive rock). It may just be mine with wonky feet, but it is something to watch for. The colours on this figure feels very appropriate for an animal from ancient Mongolia; a mix of sandy brown and yellow, with a white underbelly. The nails, beak, and eyes are highlighted in beige and greys.


Accuracy for AAA models are often hit or miss, either old-styled, highly inaccurate figures or nearly correct, well done ones. The Gallimimus falls into the latter category: the limbs are appropriately thin (as are most its features) and the head is correct with sideways facing eyes and a beak that widens at the end. The figure is covered in a coat of feathers, forming a layer of ‘dino fuzz’ on the head, neck, body, and tail. There aren’t any more developed feathers on the arms, but for an older figure, it’s still good they featured any feathers on the toy at all.


There are inaccuracies, however. The arms, neck, and tail are slightly too short in comparison to the fossil evidence and the feet are far too big. Though the tridactyl feet are the right shape, they are many times bigger than in reality, most likely in order for the toy to stand more easily (not that it works on mine!). Still, a few dead flies in an otherwise pleasant ointment


Overall, this is a great figure of a rarely made species. It does have its flaws, but this is an older figure, so it is forgivable. It is also a retired figure, so finding it can be very difficult, especially as this is one of the more sought after AAAs. eBay is your best shot, but I do recommend getting this Gallimimus if you get the chance.


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