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Glyptodon (Invicta)

For my last review I tackled the Schleich Glyptodon with a pretty obvious hint regarding what I would be reviewing next. Well here we are, reviewing another Glyptodon and transitioning back into my Invicta reviews. There aren’t a lot of models in this classic line left to review. A couple mammals and a Pteranodon and …

Glyptodon (Prehistoric Mammal Series by Schleich)

I want you to close your eyes, close your eyes and travel back, back to a distant era. It’s 2002; Spider-Man is #1 in the box office, the X-Files broadcasts its two hour finale, the UK is declared free of foot-and-mouth disease and Schleich, a company now notorious for its abominable depictions of prehistoric life was …

Glyptodont (MPC)

One of the oldest toys of an iconic extinct mammal family still holds up pretty well, especialy alongside its more derivative contemproraries.