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Review: Glyptodon (Prehistoric Mammal Series by Schleich)

4.9 (8 votes)
I want you to close your eyes, close your eyes and travel back, back to a distant era. It’s 2002; Spider-Man is #1 in the box office, the X-Files broadcasts its two hour finale, the UK is declared free of foot-and-mouth disease and Schleich, a company now notorious for its abominable depictions of prehistoric life was actually a competent company worth collecting.

Review: Glyptodont (MPC)

3.3 (16 votes)

One of the oldest toys of an iconic extinct mammal family still holds up pretty well, especialy alongside its more derivative contemproraries.

MPC (Multiple Products Corporations) toys are known in some circles as the “poor man’s Marx”; many of the prehistoric creatures represented in MPC’s lineup were lifted from the older Marx line, often sacrificing size and sculpt quality for bright colors and cheaper quantity.

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