Ichthyosaurus (Invicta)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the last Invicta model that needed a review on this very blog. Over the past decade or two, these models have been a staple for our community as they are the very first museum quality scale prehistoric models to ever hit store shelves. Despite being retired for over three decades, most of these models have proven to be reasonably priced on eBay and most of them are not that hard to obtain. Over the years, every other Invicta model has been reviewed on this blog at least once or twice. But today is the day where we can almost complete the Invicta page with the one remaining figure that has to be reviewed. Sure, there are also the colour versions that remain unreviewed as well as the one figure that’s just too modern for this blog, but I still think this review will be special.


The Invicta Ichthyosaurus is a pretty standard model of a member of the ichthyosaur family, but it’s been pointed out that this particular model is way too big to represent Ichthyosaurus itself. The writing on the belly says that the genus grew up to 8 meters long, but in reality, Ichthyosaurus only grew up to two metres in length. It is possible that they based this model off another species of ichthyosaur, but which one remains a mystery.


As a generic ichthyosaur figure, this model is pretty darn good. The characteristic fish-like appearance is replicated perfectly and the proportions are correct. In terms of detail, there is not much to talk about as the model is sculpted in smooth solid plastic and is pretty stiff. The eyes are well sculpted and if you look closely at the mouth, you can see that the sculptor attempted to give this model some teeth. The colour that this one was most commonly sold in is a dark sky blue, and the painted version(which I do not own) is done up like a modern day cetacean from what I saw in a picture from a DTF forum member’s collection.


Overall, this is one Invicta model that has stood the test of time, due to the fact that this particular creature have remained almost unchanged since its initial release. Like all Invicta models, eBay is the best place to get one, and if you’re lucky, you might find it at a flea market or two, or someone might sell one on our lovely forum.

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  • Amazing little model! Great review. I don’t know if it’s bad or good that these models are more accurate than some “museum quality” dinosaurs released nowa-days.

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