Iguanodon (2001) (Bullyland)

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For some reason the 2001 version of an Iguanodon by Bullyland has not been reviewed yet. This text is going to change that.

I guess I don´t have to tell anyone here anything about lower Cretaceous ornithhischian Iguanodon, one of the most widespread, best known and best examined dinosaur species ever.

To anticipate my conclusion, this is a decent, charming figure with a rough and clumsy feel.  I would place it somewhere half way between the much heavier and rougher UKRD dinosaur figures and museum line quality figures.

The details: The figure represents the animal standing on its hind legs, which are far too big and thick. It stands 13,5 cm tall and is  approx. 23 cm long. It is made from lightweight PVC without emollients. On its belly it says




SCALE 1:30

On the one hand this pose reminds me at the old Zdenek Burian or Neave Parker paintings, on the other hand, this figure looks a little more softly and friendly than figures inspired by these artists´styles, such as the Kleinwelka and the Invicta Iguanodon. It seems like a chief witness of the paradigm change in how we regard dinosaurs.

The colour scheme is a little weak and consists of dirty green and beige tones. A darker brown pattern runs from the neck to the tip of the tail, colouring the ridge at the animals back.

The skin pattern is typical for Bullyland dinosaurs: lots of folds and wrinkles. We don´t see a cloaca opening or any other pattern change except for a bulge dividing the belly from the back. The goofy eyes are typical for Bullyland dinosaur figures, too. In this figure they don´t attract as much attention as in their Spinosaurus with its far more delicate head.

Funnily, this figure works well and looks good as a quadruped, too, at least from one side.

The head reveals cheeks in which the animal is supposed to have stored food waiting for being squelched. The beak is not accented, I don´t know if there even is a beak. The animal seems to smile mildly at you.

The hands, often referred to as the animal´s “multifunctional tool” for walking, defense and holding food, are executed very well. We see the hooves and the more flexible little finger. The thorny thump points upwards as it should. The hands are not pronated, which is correct.

As I said at the beginning, this is a figure with a sceratin charme which I call the “Bullyland charme”. It is by far not as detailed as other companies´ representations, but hey, it is almost 20 years old and it looks decent and seems interesting enough to be added to every collection.

Nine years later Bullyland released a new, quadrupedal version of an Iguanodon, which I personally like more.

I rate this one 3 out of 5 stars.

Try to find yours on ebay for example.

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Comments 4

  • It’s a charming figure that harkens to a much simpler times.
    I’m very fond of figures from those times, they have that vintage classic feel to them.

  • It has a sort of charming nature to it, not a figure I’d try and track down, but I like it in it’s way.

  • Haha, I have pictures of that one ready for a review since three years. Nevertheless it`s good to see it making eventually an appearance here on the blog with this nice review. I also like the figure very much, really a charming one with the somewhat typical Bullyland style of old.

  • For the time that iguanodon was made, it’s not bad at all, but honestly I’m sticking with the Bullyland 2010 iguanodon, that is, its later version. But what that iguanodon “retro” said to me has not sincerely lost my interest. Acceptable but not remarkable or outstanding figure.

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