Mastodonsaurus (Starlux)

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In spite of the discoveries since Starlux closed down, I feel that the old line could be fantastically varied in comparison to some modern line, producing vast numbers of species, not just familiar dinosaurs, but those that existed alongside them. Here, for example, the giant amphibian Mastodonsaurus from the late Triassic, which reached lengths of 13-20 feet long. Ancient amphibians are rare in the toy markets, with this being the most common (which isn’t saying much). Let’s see how well it was first done.

The figure itself is decently painted, for a very early prehistoric figure, browny-beige with pale paint down the back. For an amphibian in a swampy environment, this works well, along with the bumps in the skin like a modern toad, an appreciated addition. The pose is pretty calm, perhaps about to submerge from a river bank. Simple, but effective. This figure does show the nature of how it was made more than others though, with the seam plainly visible underneath, but better covered on top. This has a length of 3″ and a height of 0.8″, suitably squat little creature.

To accuracy! With an older figure, even the most complete specimens they had to work with would result in figures that are inaccurate by modern standards. Here there are a lot of misses. The head and tail are far too small, looking like 19th century interpretations of the animal. The head shape is decent, just far too small. The other problem are the over sized limbs, far too long compared to the actual animal, though this may be a result of compensating for the nature of the plastic, small parts being easier to damage. This makes the body a bit too short as well. Very retro look as a result.

The age of this figure means that it is likely to attract collectors more than casual buyers, as it doesn’t have the best accuracy (Bullyland’s incarnation wins that prize). It is still a reasonably well made figure for it’s age, worth adding to a collection. EBay is your best bet if you want this old amphibian, but it is quite rare.

AS per any of my Starlux reviews, I will warn about the plastic tolerance of this old plastic. It will not take rough play or falls without breaking, hence why I thought that the legs are made longer here to prevent being broken off. This figure hasn’t got many small pieces, so is more capable of being mishandled. Regardless, this is better as a collectors piece than a toy.

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