Medusaceratops (CollectA)

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Medusaceratops lokii is the oldest known chasmosaurine ceratopsid. The unique profile of its frill led to its awesome-sounding name, which refers to the Greek gorgon Medusa and the Marvel supervillain Loki. In a perfect world then, its archenemy would be a tyrannosaurid called Perseussaurus thori.


This 2015 toy, which measures about 14.5 cm long, is the very first plastic representation of Medusaceratops. It is sculpted in what appears to be a threatening pose, with its head raised, its mouth open, and its right front leg pawing the ground. Perhaps this individual is a male about to duke it out with a rival over mating rights. Or possibly it’s trying to intimidate a would-be predator. As always, it is entirely up to your imagination.


The Medusaceratops‘ main colour is a light shade of orange with a white underbelly, black wash stripes, dull green on the back, and black claws. The speculative quills on its back are off white with bright green highlights. And the head, though it lacks the characteristic “eyes” of other CollectA ceratopsids, is a striking combination of light orange, dull green, white, and black. The eyes and the brow and frill horns are black, the small boss on the nose is bright green, the rostrum(beak) is light orange, and the inside of the mouth is pink. Finally, there are also solid black rings around the eyes. CollectA is anything but conservative when it comes to colouring!


This figure isn’t without its flaws though. Like the Nasutoceratops, it has one too many claws on its hind feet. And while the skin, frill, and horns have been sculpted very nicely indeed, the open mouth appears slightly off. It almost looks as though the rostrum is raising instead of the mandible lowering.


Despite these minor anatomical errors, the CollectA Medusaceratops is still a great sculpt with a cool colour scheme and a scrappy attitude. I’m quite happy with it.


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  • Apart from the two hit anatomical errors that put him are colorful excessive head and otherwise mania or Collecta philosophy of putting their sauropods with mane on their backs.

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