Megatherium (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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Since it’s first discovery in 1788, Megatherium has garnered much attention, not just from scientists but by the general public, it’s large size and fearsome claws drawing in many. In spite of the discovery of larger creatures over the centuries, this gargantuan xenarthran still has it’s fair share of art and models dedicated to it. This includes Geoworld, but will it help or hinder the giant ground sloth? Let’s investigate further…..

First, to the fact card included with all the species Geoworld’s displays. As with all the ancient mammal line, this uses a stylised version of the actual figure rather than a different art piece.

On to the figure itself! This figure is large, a 1:45 scale, measuring 5″ high and 3.4″ long. The mix of browns works well here, though it’s application leaves a lot to be desired, with careless splodges of paint over several parts of the figure, specifically the back and feet claws on mine. Th pose is a classic, as if browsing from a tree. This seems a bit too similar to the Bullyland model for me, not precisely the same (not enough to claim plagiarism) but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took cues from that figure.

Accuracy wise, I’m not totally convinced. To start at the bottom and work up, the tail is far too short and scrawny, the claws (both on feet and hands) are a tad exaggerated (not far off, but still) and the wrist joint is a little far back. The head is at least a decent shape, if a little chubby, and the torso shape is generally good. Very mixed figure.

This is an ok figure, certainly enough to keep kids entertained for a while, but likely to rub collectors the wrong way. There are certainly better Megatherium figures out there. If you like it, get it, if not, skip.

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  • I skipped this one, when it first came out, felt that the Bullyland, Safari and even Schleich ones that I owned were enough. I was put off by the exaggerated claws in particular. Now, thanks to your review, I see that’s it’s better than the stock photo showed, though I still don’t like the claws. Helpful review.

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