Mosasaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors!! As mentioned before, Dinowaurs is great for what they were willing to try in their line. Pterosaurs, therapsids and marine reptiles all feature alongside dinosaurs. Here, we take a look at another mighty reptile that dominated the late Cretaceous seas, Mosasaurus. Mosasaurs were one of the major successes at the end of the age of reptiles, and Mosasaurus were the largest of all, hunting anything in their biome. Have DinoWaurs recreated this leviathan well? Let’s see…….

As usual, we have a tiny titan here, measuring 1″ wide, 3.2″ long and 0.5″ high, really quite small, maybe a good youngster. We see the mono colour as with the rest of the line, a light grey, with shaded detailing and a dash of colour on the tongue and teeth. The pose is a nice swimming pose, but an effort to help it stand well results in an flat flipper position, which really doesn’t look right.

To accuracy! Despite the down scaling, this isn’t too bad. The skull is right, the body shape good (if a touch hampered by it’s position and a little over done) and the tail has a decent flat fluke, which would work well for swimming. The flippers are an odd shape, not that close, even if elongated correctly, and the position it is in makes the arms inaccurate. Otherwise, not too bad.

Despite the issues from such a small, cheaply made figure, I really like this model. If you were to put it amongst other models, I think it would make a decent juvenile. Of the two marine reptiles, I’d say this is the most worthwhile getting, and one of the top of this line. EBay is your best bet to get it, either directly or in blind bags, but I feel it worth getting none the less.

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