Muttaburrasaurus (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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Of the various dinosaur clades, one of the most successful all were the Iguanodontids. Found on most continents in vast numbers, often found in large numbers and well articulated in terms of fossils. One of the most complete species in Australia is one of said clade, Muttaburrasaurus. Naturally, such a species would get picked up to be made by Yowie for the first part of the Lost Kingdoms line. Let’s see how they did.

This is a nicely coloured figure, the light grey with green spots being apt for a herbivore. Even the underside works, with it’s ochre red, though the nasal sac is less well done, being bright red. Though a major, well known figure, this is over done, or could be a different colour, more natural. It is in a quadrupedal stance, looking around, perhaps watching that there aren’t any predators about. The limbs (especially the tail) have a little wiggle, giving some movement. It measures 2.9″ long and 1.4″ high, so could make for a good youngster.

Now to accuracy. While it is ok overall, there are a few issues. The tail isn’t quite long enough, while the front limbs are a tad long, being not far off the same length of it’s back legs. The nasal sac isn’t well defined either, so works towards being a juvenile. The quadrupedal stance is also now considered wrong now, as it is more basal, so likely incapable of a quadrupedal stance. It does at least lack the thumb spike that used to be put on the model, so is noteworthy. Bit mixed overall.

While perhaps not the best example of the species available, it’s small size makes it a nice addition to a herd needing infants, and should be considered. Muttaburrasaurus isn’t an often made spoecies, so I feel it’s worth getting any model, this included. EBay is your best shot for tracking this herbivore. It may not be the greatest, but it may well scratch an itch.

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  • Just a little side note: Muttaburrasaurus is a rhabdodontomorph, which is still within Iguanodontia but iguanodontids are a whole separate family at a different later branch of this tree. Other than that a great review, I am certainly feeling that itch to get one, it has a very nice colouration that gives a fresh spin on the classic green with orange or yellow nose it has been depicted with since Walking with Dinosaurs, the orange throat and chest make it especially attractive.

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