Kronosaurus (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

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The titans of Greek myth were beings of great strength and power, so it is no surprise that prehistoric creatures of great size and strength were named after them. The leader of this group during their golden age, according to legend, was Kronos, the father of Zeus, and a mighty marine monster was named after him: Kronosaurus, a 30 ft Pliosaur from the early Cretaceous of Queensland. It was pretty big in the past, though somewhat overshadowed by Pliosaurs like Liopleaurodon and Pliosaurus. That’s not to say it hasn’t had any figures of it, and here we see one curtesy of a company from it’s home country, Yowie.

To the figure! I’m not gonna beat about the bush, the paint scheme is awful! It looks like an old banana, yellow with black spots, which makes the eyes hard to spot where the eyes actually are. The pose is common for Kronosaurus figures, open mouthed and without much movement. The head and tail wiggle a bit, but won’t alter the pose much. It measures 3.1″ long, 0.4″ high and 1.5″ wide, so pretty small, maybe a juvenile for a larger figure.

Onto accuracy! Kronosaurus is known from a series of complete specimens, so you’d hope that this is accurate. And honestly, it is, getting the shape of the skull, flipper length, body shape and tail length spot on. The down sides are the slightly too short neck and the simple teeth, but given this is a chocolate give away, this is forgivable. A tail fluke would be present, but this is an older model. Not bad all in all.

In spite of the accuracy of the sculpt, the colour and breaks in the figure is likely to put off collectors, but the loud colours are likely to catch kids attention. It’s been discontinued, so eBay is the best bet if you want it. This model is great for children, less for collectors.

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