Ornithomimid (unknown company)

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This little fellow is a good example of my preference of somewhat unusual dinosaur figures. It is a little ornithomimid and neither do I know the company nor its exact species description.
It represents a very old way of posing dinosaurs, kangaroo-style with a broken tail and hands that remind me at the paw of a rabbit when it is standing on its hind legs.

Its head is cool, it really looks like that of an ostrich! It looks so, well, idle and somewhat bored or evil – really a nice impression! The skin pattern is okay, with many folds and wrinkles.

I love this figure! It is 10 cm tall and 9 cm long with a green and white colour and a nice pose with the neck bent backwards. It seems the animal is pausing after a flight from a T.rex (other Ornithomimids are not that lucky, see CollectA´s T.rex with prey) or just waiting for the rest of the flock.

Enthusiasm was big when I posed a diorama with two of these dinosaurs two or so years ago. I gave away two of these dinosaurs and kept one for myself.
I do not know, as I said the company. It´s made of polystone material like the great Castagna figures. The material is very brittle when the figure drops to the floor. It happend twice to me and something always broke off.

But it always managed to survive and is still a great contribution to my collection. Keeping in mind that ornithomimids are sadly underrepresented, everyone who has this figure should keep it like a treasure. Those who do not have one should look for it, it´s definitely worth having!
Any suggestions and ideas about company or species are welcome, of course!

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