Pachycephalosaurus (CollectA)

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With its wonderful knobby skull and domed cranium, Pachycephalosaurus  is one of the most distinctive dinosaurs. Paleontologists are still divided over how precisely it used its noggin, although a 2013 study by the University of Wisconsin concluded that it did indeed engage in intraspecific conflict.


As part of CollectA’s smaller scale line, this Pachycephalosaurus measures only 10 cm long and stands 6 cm tall. Like many of the company’s recent bipedal figures, it’s mounted on an earthen-shaped base. At first glance, it appears to be in a casual pose, but there’s something about the way the head is turned to the right. I envision this individual as a mature male sizing up his opponent before a clash.


Despite its small size, this figure boasts some great sculpted detail. The body has a pebbled texture. The top of the snout and the back of the head are adorned with pointy knobs and the cranium is covered in grooves, perhaps ones accumulated in battle. A row of tiny spines runs along the back, and another runs down the front of the neck for good measure. The small forelimbs end in five-fingered hands. The thighs and shins are muscular like a theropod’s, but the feet are tiny by comparison. No complete skeleton of Pachycephalosaurus has been found to date, but it’s reasonable to assume that its body was little different from those of its smaller cousins.


The Pachycephalosaurus is painted dark green with reddish brown stripes, a pale underbelly, and brown claws. Yellow is used for the many knobs on the skull and the cranium. Streaks of white around the brow compliment the small black eyes.


Pachycephalosaurus has long been a favourite of mine and this figure succeeds in doing justice to it. Recommended. Available from here.


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  • […] is worth it.  This figure is not for everyone and if you want accuracy you could check out the CollectA Pachycephalosaurus ,which is rather small, or the old Battat one if you are lucky enough to find […]

  • […] and the skin is pebbled. A pleasing little toy that could be construed as a baby alongside the Standard version. That is, unless you support the Pachycephalosaurus/Dracorex […]

  • I’ve only seen pics of the Bullyland Pachy. It looks appropriately scrappy.

  • This Pachycephalosaurus is beautiful, but the Bullyland is another gem, the penalty of which is discontinued, although not as well done as this despite its small size.

  • Nice review. Pachycephalosaurus has captured nearly everyone’s imagination, it seems. This one looks a bit toyish, with its clearly visible seams and improbable head pait patterns. The Battat model, much better, like this one seems alert and pondering. The Favorite, better still, looks like it is strutting to some righteous rock’n’roll. The Papo version looks down right aggressive. My personal favorite is the Bullyland. Have you seen it?


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