Pachycephalosaurus (Electronic Deluxe by Chap Mei)

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Rounding out my electronic Chap Mei toys is that scrappy (and in this case, rather scary) thick-headed lizard, Pachycephalosaurus!


This rather dubious-looking dinosaur measures 25 cm long and stands 17 cm tall when hunched over. The main colours are light brown and dark brown with beige accents, electric blue stripes, white teeth, and translucent orange for the eyes and the cranium. It’s not the worst colour scheme I’ve come across, but that blue certainly does clash with the rest of it.


The Pachycephalosaurus‘ skin has the usual pebbled texture accompanied by thick wrinkles. Heavy scales cover the feet and the claws are grooved. The skull is festooned with heavy knobs, the largest ones forming a kind of ‘crown’ behind the cranium. There are also knobs covering much of the neck and back, just like the Tsukuda figure I reviewed awhile back.


And on that note, let’s cover all the other anatomical inaccuracies (no Chap Mei dinosaur would be complete without some). The head is too big for the body and the teeth are too big for the head. The hands have only four fingers instead of five. The tail is a stump. And finally, the feet are ridiculously huge and short a couple of toes. If you were to show this toy to someone who knew nothing about pachycephalosaurs, they’d probably think they were looking at a vicious carnivore. Oh, and there are screw holes all over the toy’s right side, curse them.


The Pachycephalosaurus is articulated at the shoulders and hips, allowing it to rear up threateningly. Pushing the large button over the hips causes the head to raise, the eyes and cranium to light up, and a series of croaky growls to emanate from the body. It’s like listening to a monster frog!


The Chap Mei Pachycephalosaurus is so painfully inaccurate and so ridiculously over the top, it actually ends up being kind of cool. Definitely not a toy for everyone, but I like a little bit of weirdness in my collection. I’ll take this frightful beast over any Jurassic World toy!

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  • we have this toy .. in fact he is currently lined up with 20 other dinos from my son’s (5 years) collection on the floor at this moment. He is much loved, hence why he gets included; but son knows he’s not a ‘real’ dinosaur; we call him the ”Roarasaurus”. He was a present when son was 2 I think.. and as far as I recall there was no attempt on the packaging to describe him as a pachycephalosaurus.

  • looks like it’s got a siren on its head and wearing a fluorescent jacket , apart from that it looks ridiculous .

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