Parasaurolophus 2017 (Wild Safari, by Safari Ltd.)

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Kids perspective by William, edited by Laticauda

First impressions can be entirely wrong .

When I first saw a picture of the 2017 Safari Ltd. Parasaurolophus, I didn’t think very highly of it.   In the stock photo from Safari’s website, I thought it looked rather plain and uninteresting.  Sometimes in life when you find an opinion that echo’s  your own, you feel vindicated in your critiques.  At the time of its release, I had read quite a bit criticism about the Parasaurolophus toy.  The complaints  ranged from its paint job and blasé pose.   Safari Ltd. did release thirteen prehistoric toys in 2017,  and while many of their figures, such as the beautiful Coelophysis, the bird like Velociraptor, and the feathered Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to be respected and desired, the destiny of the Parasaurolophus looked to be relegated to a life of obscurity. I was ready to write this figure off and not even bother with it.  On the Dino Toy Blog up to this date, there have been twenty one reviews on different sculpts, styles, and paint jobs of this particular animal. Lets face it, did we really need another Parasurolophus toy made, when perhaps they could have chosen one of the other crested hadrosaurs.

As  it turns out, we did need a new one, we just didn’t know it yet.

About the toy:  The pose on this figure does seem awkward and linear at first glance, but what  I see is a really neat story.  The facial expression and the taunt muscles makes this hadrosaur look surprised or startled.  It is a unique look.  Maybe that wasn’t what the sculptor was thinking, but that’s what I see when I look at it.  Its an average size for a Wild Safari figure at 7.7 in long (19.6 cm), 2.7 in high (6.9 cm) at the crest and 2.75 in high (7 cm) high at the base of the tail.

Unfortunately the stock photo when it was release did not bring out all the great textural details that are found on this toy.  Once you see it in person it is a whole different experience.  The sculpt is extraordinary and is texturally wonderful. Lets start by looking at the head.  It looks very accurate and it is not shrink wrapped.  The eyes are painted in a flat dull orange with a glossy pupil. The famous duck like bill is black and inside its mouth is a tongue that is colored pink. Ear holes and nostrils are present.  The head is covered in small fine scales.  These scales cover the entire body.   This neck is not thin and graceful as a swans.   It has some thickness to it, like a cows.  It is wrinkled with skin folds that are loose and rolling along the bottom of the neck.

At the base of the neck you can see the outline of the scapula.  This leads to the beautifully sculpted scales and bunched up skin folds along the flanks.  The limbs are well muscled and have accurate Hadrosaurid feet.  The hips are chunky and have skin folds and wrinkles that extend across the thighs. The tail also has some meat on it and is thick and stiff with small scales covering it all the way to the tip.  The scales, skin folds, and wrinkles all look great on the body.

The paint job looks better in person.  It might not be the most realistic or natural but it looks interesting.  It has a banana yellow base color, with blotchy, brown drips that are outlined in black.  The spine and the front of the feet are black.  Unfortunately on the head and crest some of the white dry brushing is a little sloppy and could have been painted better.

Kids perspective:  I think it looks amazing.  I like the details and the paint colors as they are very fine.  I do not like how the eyes look though.  It is very fun to play with and it is safe toy, but be careful and do not drop it on your foot as it will hurt.   When I look at this toy, it looks like it is ready to charge because it is near its nest and if she hears you and you get to close, mama might think you are going to hurt her babies.  When I play with it I think it looks good with my brown JW t. rex.  They could be out on the plains.  She needs to be careful because the t-rex is hunting and she could fit in its mouth and needs to get away before she gets bit.   That’s what I think of the toy.

In front: 2017 Safari Ltd. Parasaurolophus Behind: Terra Battat Parasaurolophus

Overall:  It is ok people you are allowed to love it.   I think it is a figure that looks better when you see it in person.   When you get a chance to pick it up and hold it, you’ll notice all the texture on this toy.  Personally, I like it a lot better than the 2016 Iguanodon.  When I compare it to other Parasaurolophus toys that I have, I think it ends up being superior.

Better than the Papo you might ask? Yep!  Better than the archaic Carnegie?  Definitely, not even a competition !  Better than the Battat?  Hmmm, I mean the Battat is so graceful and beautiful it would be hard to go against it, but when I look at them together……hold on let me glance over my shoulder, I would pick…….due to the better textural detail and current accuracy, (I am now whispering) the 2017  Parasaurolophus.  Ok I said it.  I really think it is that good, but that is just my opinion .  A lot of the older Parasaurolophus toys have the thin necks, thinner bodies, incorrect feet, or in the case of Mojo fun, a zombie pose.

This is a great toy for collectors, educators, and kids.  When I tally it all up it just ends up being really nice figure.  Its not the most hyped up toy but it should not be passed up, as this toy is legit.

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Comments 13

  • I love those little scales like a komodo dragon

  • I too found it a great deal more attractive in the hand. Safari’s images didn’t do it justice. I almost didn’t buy one but am extremely glad I did.

  • It still looks like a banana – but I will definitely consider this one for my next Safari purchase.

  • Great to see this piece get the attention it deserves. Definitely a case of a figure that looks substantially more appealing in person or especially good photographs. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more repaints of it! The first Favorite Parasaurolophus is maybe comparable, but in my opinion, the Safari easily overtakes the shrink-wrapped second Favorite version.

  • The parasaurolophus Safari 2017 is a good figure but I would have sincerely preferred, as many of the forum members have said, another more exotic lambeosaurine hadrosaur.

    It is one of my three favorite parasaurolophus along with that of Battat and that of Favorite first version.

    • I agree. There are many fascinating lambeosaurine that need to have their day in the sun. Unfortunately I cannot control what is made by Safari. All I can do is enjoy what they do make. In this case they made a really nice Parasaurolophus.

  • I think he missed mentioning Favorite’s Parasaurolophus. In my opinion that is much more precise and natural than safari and why not say it, more than Battat. The sculpture is splendid in the Favorite, with scales of different sizes and a very natural paint job. (With the respect that Mr. Watson deserves). In addition, perhaps the Favorite can criticize the thinness that it has, but I think it is entirely possible, since not all the time there was good fodder to eat and long periods of drought and famine occurred, so they would be forced to migrate, and in this way, because of physical wear they would consume their energy reserves and lose weight in that way. Anyway, good review.

    • That’s a good point. The FV Favorite Parasaurolophus is one of my favorites and I do like the colors better than what’s on the new Safari version. I still think the Safari edges it out but I agree it is close.

  • An observant review in several ways. Yes, one could say – another para? But the scalation and other details on this one supercedes all others anywhere near this price point, Yes, it is way better in hand. The paint job is attractive, if a bit contrived. Still I like it. This was, for me, one of the last 2017’s to be acquired, but it’s worthwhile, for sure. I like the comparison photo with the classic Battat – it really reinforces your argument. Well done.

  • It’s a splendid figure, but I still would have preferred Corythosaurus or Lambeosaurus.

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