Pachyrhinosaurus (‘Patchi’, Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie 3D, by Vivid Toy Group Ltd)

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Another day, another dinosaur. Yesterday we looked at the standard sized Gorgon, today we’ll cast our eyes on another action figure in this series, Gorgon’s ceratopsid nemesis, Patchi. The figure is sold separately, but is also available as part of a twin pack alongside Gorgon, so if you’re thinking of acquiring them both, you can save a little money in the process. Patchi is a Pachyrhinosaurus, a rugged-looking ceratopsid from the Late Cretaceous of North America. Slightly less iconic than some of its brethren (Triceratops, Styracosaurus), the genus surfaces only rarely in dinosaur toy form, although more so in recent years (See figures by CollectA, here, and Papo, here). With its starring role in Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie 3D, this is sure to change its popularity, as Pachyrhinosaurus becomes a household name. For example, Safari Ltd have already announced a Pachyrhinosaurus in their Wild Safari line up for 2014. Unlike Gorgon, which comes in two size versions (standard and ‘ultimate’), Patchi doesn’t have a larger counterpart, so it is one size fits all.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure

Upon removing the figure from its package I first checked for blemishes and deformities, as one would a newborn baby. Checking the fingers, there are five on each hand, and only the first and second have claws – good! Checking the toes, there are four, excellent – all seems to be in order. But what’s this on the frill – the edge is damaged and there’s a gaping hole!? Do not despair, this scarred tissue is visible on the animal in the movie trailer too, so it is clearly intended. Presumably, Patchi receives some sort of injury early in life – the figure isn’t faulty. Unlike the solid-bone frill in Triceratops, the frill in Pachyrhinosaurus has openings, so such damage is entirely plausible, and adds a touch of character to the model.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure loose

There are not nearly as many articulation points in the Patchi figure compared with the Gorgon figure – only six (the mouth, neck, and the four limbs). The range of motion is also relatively more restricted, however, most of the joints do move in all directions. These WWD3D action figures are comparable to Jurassic Park and Dinoriders in both size and action-figure style. The new toys differ from both, however, in having more flexible joints, whereas the others had simpler rotating joints.

patchi walking with dinosaurs the movie figure

The brown background I used in the photos for the Gorgon review didn’t do justice to the colouration. In fact, the colours are quite vivid in these toys, and photos taken on a white background show this more clearly (I’ll probably replace the Gorgon photos soon too). Patchi has realistic blotchy beige and pink skin, and the frill is decorated with a circular cream pattern. This circular motif is reminiscent of giant eyespots, perhaps intended to ward off aggressive Gorgosaurus, although, unfortunately, it also looks rather like a target. Tempting for our aggressive Gorgosaurus.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure

The beak is toothless, and the head is especially well sculpted in general. The anatomy is true to the skull in juvenile Pachyrhinosaurus specimens: ceratopsid skulls change in shape with ontogeny (as the animal grows up) so the lack of well developed frill horns tells us that Pachy isn’t fully grown (or is a female, maybe). As with the Gorgosaurus, David Krentz’ artistic hand shines through in the design of the creature. It is realistic and well rendered, especially for an action figure. There’s a touch of green eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, but otherwise, this animal isn’t anthropomorphised at all, which I’m pleased about.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure

This figure also makes sounds, all grunts and growls, no talking. The button to activate the sounds, which is positioned on the back, is flush with the body and very subtle. Patchi is 18 cm long, a touch shorter than Gorgon, so these two standard sized figures are just about to scale relative to each other – within the realm of possibility at least.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure

Overall, this figure is more easy on the eye that Gorgon due to the fewer number of joints, but doesn’t present the same wide range of poseability. When I bought these figures I was really only doing so for the sake of reviewing them on the blog – I doubt I would have bought them otherwise. However, I’m glad I did, because upon closer inspection, they are definite ‘keepers’, and they’ve found a happy, deserved home in my dinosaur toy collection. Next up for review, Troodon, however, I’m afraid that’ll be where my contributions on this line end, as I don’t have every figure in the series. So, if anybody wishes to review any other WWD3D figures in this series, I open the floor to other regular authors, and guest reviews are always most welcome!

Available from separately, or together with Gorgon, and also on here.

patchi walking with dinosaurs 3d figure box front
Front of box. For photo of back of box see here.

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