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Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (‘Patchi’, Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie 3D, by Vivid Toy Group Ltd)

3 (8 votes)
Another day, another dinosaur. Yesterday we looked at the standard sized Gorgon, today we’ll cast our eyes on another action figure in this series, Gorgon’s ceratopsid nemesis, Patchi. The figure is sold separately, but is also available as part of a twin pack alongside Gorgon, so if you’re thinking of acquiring them both, you can save a little money in the process.

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

4.3 (15 votes)

Pachyrhinosaurus was one of the largest centrosaurines, those ceratopsians that tended to have relatively short frills and either large nasal horns or thick snouts. It is also the largest known ceratopsian to not possess horns on its nose or its brow, the most speciose, with P.

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic)

4.8 (59 votes)

Spring 2021 saw the arrival of the second wave of ceratopsians from the Beasts of the Mesozoic series. Fans of Dave Silva’s crowdfunded line of articulated figures will already be familiar with the basic elements that define this series. These strikingly colorful figures have a tremendous range of poseability thanks to their intricately engineered design (which may have the added benefit of making them more difficult for bootleggers to imitate).

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Haolonggood)

4.6 (67 votes)

Another Pachyrhinosaurus is not something I needed in my collection. I already have five of them. But Pachyrhinosaurus is a favorite ceratopsian of mine and none of the figures I own quite nail the look of it for me. Safari’s comes close but it’s a bit too svelte for my tastes, and while Battat’s has the bulk that I desire its paintjob holds it back from true greatness.

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, Captivz Build N’ Battle Dinos by ToyMonster)

4.7 (12 votes)

Before we begin the review, I would like to thank the generous folks over at ToyMonster for reaching out and sending me a large selection of Captivz figures. Although I was told that I don’t have to review them all I’m going to do my best to get through them anyway, so prepare yourselves for a lot of Captivz reviews in the coming months!

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Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Sinoceratops) (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Roarivores by Mattel)

4.4 (14 votes)
Say what you want about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, you do have to admire that it brought so many obscure genera to the pop culture forefront. Because of that a lot of poorly represented dinosaurs have a chance at some fame which is only a good thing for those of us that collect dinosaur reproductions.

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Terra series by Battat)

4.3 (16 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited and added to by Plesiosauria.
Well, nobody was expecting this wonderful surprise! After about 20 years of retirement, Battat has decided to re-release their popular collection of dinosaur models, including a lineup of brand new species.  This revelation came almost out of the blue, when I happened upon some of these early new releases at a Target store earlier this week.

Review: Pachyrhinosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.6 (21 votes)
The approach of 2014 means an exciting new line from each of our favorite prehistoric figure manufacturers. However, there’s an extra surprise this year – the new 2014 line from Safari Ltd. has already arrived! While their offering is impressive as always, I have to say that my most anticipated figure is the Pachyrhinosaurus, and Safari has really delivered on this piece.

Review: Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, mini figures (Vivid Toy Group Ltd)

4.5 (12 votes)
Review and photos by Stargatedalek (unless otherwise stated), edited by Plesiosauria.
First off I’d like to start off my first review with a brief apology. I promised this review months ago, but between initial delays and my repeatedly putting it off [plus some tardiness on our part too – Ed] I’m only just now getting around to it.
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