Plotosaurus (Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company)

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Review and photos by Torvosaurus, edited by Suspsy

Howdy from wonderful, windy Wyoming! Today we’ll take a look at the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit
(HLBS) Plotosaurus. This figure was made in 2000 or 2001. I believe this is the first review of this
species, however, so an introduction to the species is appropriate.

The genus Plotosaurus is represented by one species, P. bennisoni, described in 1942 by
Robert Lewis Camp, a Berkeley paleontologist. It was originally given the name Kolposaurus, but was
changed in 1951 to Plotosaurus when it was found to represent an already named nothosaur.
P. bennisoni has a laterally compressed body with relatively high back bones and a deep body,
narrow fins, and a large tail. Looking at it from the top, the body is thinner than in typical mosasaurs.
Some of its tail vertebrae are fused together, something that would be considered a pathological
condition in most mosasaurs, but is the normal condition for Plotosaurus. Its eyes were larger for seeing at greater depths, and areas around its eyes left imprinted scales. The nostrils were also larger to allow for improved breathing when it surfaced. The skull was compressed when compared to the likes of Tylosaurus. Finally, Plotosaurus had a fusiform body-shape, and its overall bauplan made it faster than its kin. It is considered the most derived species of mosasaur, approaching the ichthyosaurs in its aquatic adaptations.

Top view.

The model is approximately 8 inches (20 cm) long following the curve of the body, giving it a 1/44
scale. Looking at it from the side, the figure shows a raised back and an appropriately deep lower body,
and it is narrow looking down from the top. The body shape narrows sharply to reach the head,
as is seen with some recreations of the species.


The fins are thin and narrow, but a little shorter than they could be. The front fins are much larger than
the back fins, which should be a bit larger. There is no dorsal fin and no upper lobe on the caudal fin,
which was in-line in 2000, but which would both certainly be on a sculpted figure today.

Lack of the dorsal fin and no upper lobe on the caudal fin.

The head is long and narrow as it should be, but it does show a bit of shrink wrapping around the rear of
the skull.

Head details.

The model came unpainted and unassembled. The top of the head, jaw, and all four fins are white metal,
while the body and the tail are a single piece of resin. It assembles easily. HLBS has started making
figures again, but this model is retired and not part of their current line. Occasionally it can be found on

Dolph says, “You should have seen the one that got away!”

In general, the model is reasonably accurate. It is an inexpensive toy with the appearance of a
Plotosaurus that is recognizable as one and not just any mosasaur, mainly due to the shape of the body.
It is a “big boy” toy, intended for gaming purposes and is not suitable for younger children.

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