Postosuchus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

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Review by Dan Liebman of Dan’s Dinosaurs

Ever since their bizarre rebirth, Safari’s growing “Wild Safari” line has seen the release of many quality dinosaur figures. The most recent addition to this line is the American archosaur Postosuchus, which featured heavily in the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs. Its appearance in the documentary has seemingly triggered the release of several figures from various companies. None yet compare to this release from Wild Safari, however.

Wild Safari Postosuchus

While the Postosuchus may seem unimpressive compared to the theropod giants of the Cretaceous, it is worth noting that this species was considered a superpredator in its day. It didn’t need to be the size of a Tyrannosaur; it was already one of the biggest carnivores roaming the land at that time. This depiction offers an upright posture, alert and agile. Though the resemblance to early reptilians is uncanny (and appropriate), this Postosuchus is not easily mistaken for an oversized lizard. This is not some prehistoric crocodile – the golden eyes appear very much alive, and the details of the fenestrae and teeth are outstanding (even for a new Wild Safari figure). The body is tangibly familiar with reptilian scales and scutes cascading across the flanks. The tail is held parallel to the ground, further amplifying its defiant “I am not a croc” image.

Wild Safari Postosuchus

The wonderous amagalm of primeval yet novel qualities has been reinforced by the figure’s charming coloration. Cast in a very natural pair of hues, the Wild Safari Postosuchus strolls through the Triassic Texan landscape in dark brown and canary colors, somewhat reminiscient of a yellowjacket. These colors provide a very natural contrast that is striking enough to look dangerous, yet simple enough to lend visual credibility. The instant impression one receives at first glance is that the animal is alive, on the prowl, and definitely not something you’d want to approach in the wild.

Wild Safari Postosuchus
Wild Safari Postosuchus

It is indeed difficult to find significant flaws on the Wild Safari Postosuchus. His forelimbs are appropriately leaner than his hind limbs, and he ambles along in the conservative, quadrupedal posture (the species is thought to have been capable of some bipedal travel, as the aforementioned discrepancy in limb size suggests). When viewed from a rear angle, the elevation of the tail becomes even more prominent, giving a great sense of dynamic action. In short, this Postosuchus conveys everything it should. It is primitive, tough, and maybe even just a touch arrogant.

Wild Safari Postosuchus
Wild Safari Postosuchus

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  • […] familiar to most of us, being almost identical (but mirrored) in pose and colour to the amazing Wild Safari Postosuchus. All of the other figures are completely new, and therefore also unique, although isn’t it […]

  • …I guess I’m popular.

  • Curious what’s coming out in 2011.

  • Como dicen otros cibernautas, es una figura como todas las que hace Safari elegante y con clase, debe ser muy buena, el caso es que no se comercializa aquí en España, lo cual es una lástima.
    Me he dado cuenta viendo el catálogo de Safari que las demás fábricas de juguetes de dinosaurios han hecho un terrible plagio de figuras de Safari (y no sólo de animales prehistóricos) sé que puedo ofender a esas fábricas pero es la cruda verdad.

  • Loving the detail on this beast.

  • Oh..My…Godzilla…
    It’s the most detailed piece I’ve seen, excluding Papo. It looks like something out of CGI..the way it seems to look at you and it appears to be walking.
    Can’t wait til he get’s here!

  • Wow that guy looks really nice. I bought one and if I’m impressed with just the pics. How well will I be when he comes to the house. :O 🙂

    It does look like it could come alive. 🙂

    good job Wild safari. 😉

  • I still have mixed feelings about it, while the detail is great, the ‘arms’ should have been a lot shorter.

  • This is by far the best figure release of the year. Superb sculpt and great pose. Twice the price of the existing range though!

  • Yeah, it does look very much like the CM Postosuchus, aside from the posture. We suspect it might have been a source of inspiration for the painters at Safari – it would be quite a coincidence, otherwise.

  • The texturing and colouration remind me of works from CM Studios, who specialize in in scale and full-sized models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles, including Postosuchus.

  • The teeth look great.

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