Protoceratops (Dino World by Kabaya)

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Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

Dino World was a line of small models similar to Kaiyodo’s Dino Tales. Unlike Dino Tales, these toys are sold by the Japanese candy company Kabaya and came packaged with candy. This review will be looking at #12 of 24 in the series, the hatching Protoceratops

Like Dino Tales figures, this toy is very small. Each egg measures just under 1½ inch (3¼ cm) long; Protoceratops eggs have been known to be as long as 8 inches (20¼ cm), so this would be around 1:5/1:6 scale.

Details on this figure are quite simplistic, reminiscent of the Carnegie Protoceratops. It’s nice to see an appropriately tubby rendition of this animal for once, but I do wonder how this guy fit inside the egg. In profile, the head’s maybe a little too round, and the frill shouldn’t point up so much at this point in the animal’s life. There are only four toes on the front limbs instead of the five the real animal had. They also all possess claws, when only three should have claws and the other two should be covered in skin.

Despite a simple paint job, this figure is fully painted. The eggs and the Protoceratops are cast in white plastic and almost entirely painted with cream. The baby has some light red applied on the arms, head, and back and, surprisingly, has both painted pupils and sclerae on the eyes. 

For such a small and simple toy, this Protoceratops packs a lot of charm. It’s a little odd-looking in places, but that gives it some personality. I recommend it for anyone who likes mini-figures, or if you have to own every Protoceratops like me.

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