Tyrannosaurus rex (red version) (by Kabaya)

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Review and photos by Brandon. Edited by Plesiosauria.

The red Tyrannosaurus differs greatly compared to the Kabaya green T. rex (reviewed here) for three major reasons. One is that it seems to be paying homage to a classical standing posture. Second is the main color scheme which is red – the overall sculpt resembles Diablo, the red Tyrannosaur of Primal Rage, the great Atari Probe video game of the 1990s. Anyone who knows this character will know what I mean, especially if you compare Playmates’ Diablo action figure of over a decade ago to this one. Third, he is searching, looking for a meal rather than running at it like his green counterpart!

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya
Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

No doubt, this Tyrannosaurus possesses great sculpting that is most impressive and can rival many in this scale. The head has the familiar structure, big snout with visible nostrils, but the snout is low allowing the eyes to have binocular vision and many teeth are in the mouth with a visible tongue. The body, like the green specimen appears to have aged being of a veteran state because the scaly skin has wrinkles, especially around the neck which is cool. The arms are very small as one would expect with two finger claws and the legs are thick and muscular with very large claws at the end of three-toed beast feet. The tail is long which you can clearly see is for balance; it gets more curled as it goes on down the length. This version also sports a mid section part right below the sternum depicting what could have been there have it if known species’ skeleton’s were with skin and muscle tissue intact. The red Tyrant includes a display stand that you peg the figure on and the stand appears to be of a rocky terrain of the North.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya
Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

The painting is very good, the body is red with small black dots throughout the side and black lines on the head to the tail. Underneath is a much lighter color similar to tan which is a good choice. The paint application on his head is quite surprising, there is hardly any mess whatsoever with his teeth and mouth and his eyes are fantablous. His claws are painted carefully, there isn’t much paint coming toward the skin and the paint chosen is a wise one that actually looks like a claws digit color and not some metallic color or a silver tone that is seen on some figures.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya
Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

This is a very fine looking Tyrannosaurus, the pose and the face makes it look like it some something to be feared and not to mess with. Also you can tell that its a Tyrannosaurus rex and not a Gorgosaurus and surely not an Allosaurid, I love it when a sculpt is that good that it can convince you right away that what it is supposed to be is actually what it is! I purchased the Kabaya set of five on eBay and it is sometimes available but can be scarce.

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  • A broken picture here, too… :c

  • Another fine sculpt from Mr. Araki that suffers from one glaring error (which I am sure was intentional as his work for some of the ‘toy’ lines has taken some liberties in order to make the critters appear more appealing as toys):

    The head is much too large for the body. Otherwise a homerun.

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