Tyrannosaurus rex (Kabaya)

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Review and photos by Brandon. Edited by Plesiosauria.

We recently reviewed the Kabaya Deinonychus, well, next in line from this series is the Tyrannosaurus rex (Green Version)!

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

Before the animal was officially known as “T.rex”, it was known as Manospondylus gigas and Dynamosaurus imperiosus, but when the animal’s true name was revealed along with better finds, this coelurosaurian became one of the most popular dinosaurs ever and most likely the most well known all! Back during a very young twentieth century and to the present day in the twenty-first century, the T. rex has received all kinds of recognition in media and in the collector’s market. There are many great Tyrannosaurus figurines that stand out and this is diffinetly one of those that are legit!

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

By looking at the sculpt, there is no guessing as to what this species is, its a Tyrannosaurus rex! This “Tyrant-Lizard King’s” position is running, its executed greatly sporting the saurischian stance accurately showing that this theropod not only means business but is also quite muscle-bound. Clearly, its a huge and powerful animal indeed but it also seems to be an older specimen, which is something not seen often in figurines. As you look at the figure, you’ll notice there is not one feather on the animal. It’s depicted as a usual non-feathered tyrannosaur and while this figure does resemble ‘Tyrannosaurus Sue’, the body structure differs, which shows me that while this is a T-rex, it is not Sue! The head has the correct definitional shape of the Tyrannosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

The eyes are set in front of the face allowing the animal to have binocular vision. Over the eyes is a small eyebrow region that is smaller than many carnosaurs and the nostrils at the end of the snout has a good depth. The teeth in both sections of the mouth are the right size as well as shape and on the neck there is some major wrinkled skin showing that this is creature is a veteran.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

The body is massive sporting huge muscles throughout the rib cage section and especially the legs! The legs is a particular part of this dinosaur I like and this sculpt brings out the very strong hind quarters that reminds me of how avians curl their feet when they run at good speeds. The arms are quite small as one would expect a real T. rex to have with two small but sharp clawed digits. The tail is very thick and appears to be quite hefty. The figure sports a midsection that has been previously seen on other figures which actually could be close as to what it really was on the animals when it was alive so long ago. Like his counterpart figure, the Deinonychus, he too has a stand with a peg that sticks into the display and into his stomach. The stand looks like a desert ground from the Badlands.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

The painting is done very well. The creature’s overall color is green, dark and light. There is a spaced-stripe design that he has on his upper sides, back and even his head. The paint on his head is applied very well, the eyes are black and orange and looks menacing. There is a small mess of pink around his mouth but the tongue and teeth are applied better. The hand and feet claws are painted black and seemed like they were painted more carefully.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

This is one of the most intriguing Tyrannosaurus sculpts in my possession and still is one of the most impressive collectibles that I have seen thus far. The fearsome yet modern running pose is one of the key features that makes this figure so grand and to think that like the Deinonychus, this pose is inspired by great dinosaur illustrator David Peters whose fantastic art I have always loved. I purchased the Kabaya set of five on eBay and it is sometimes available but can be scarce.

Tyrannosaurus rex Kabaya

Rarely available on Ebay here

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