Psittacosaurus (Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

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Review by Amargasaurus cazaui, Edited by Gwangi

In early 2018 Schleich introduced several new models for the year, including a new Psittacosaurus. The model appears to be P. Sibiricus, and is surprisingly well done. Measuring in at just under 5 inches and over 2 inches tall at its highest point, it is a decent sized model. The sculpt has a depth of detail that is eye catching with thorough texturing, quills on the tail, and a dynamic pose.

The paint palette chosen is somewhat odd; utilizing a darker green, with pink quills and jugal and rostral horns. Underside coloration is done in lighter green. The head is nicely sculpted, with the wide arching jugal horns, subdued frill, and beak this dinosaur is so well known and named for.

The model seems to be fairly accurate with the proper number of hand and foot digits, and the overall body shape adheres to the fossil evidence. The arms and hands are incorrectly pronated, placing the animal on all fours, which current thinking suggests is unlikely for adults of this genus. This can be easily overlooked given the overall aesthetic of the model otherwise.

I consider this a nice model that depicts the dinosaur rather well. If the model takes a few hits for the incorrect hands and the somewhat “gaudy” paint, it makes up for it in pose and detail. The model sells in the 7-9 dollar price-range, and can be found on Ebay, Dejankins, and other dinosaur outlets. There is apparently a “Cave Set” that comes with a repainted version of this model as well. I have not seen it yet, but the repaint colors shown in ads are blues.

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  • I understand that Schleich with the commercial and toy potential that he has worldwide demonstrates with most of the prehistoric animals this year that he has the potential to make prehistoric toy and dinosaur figures that compete equally with the best companies and brands. of dinosaurs of the world. For me the best figure made to date by this company along with its triceratops, dinogorgon, oviraptor and tyrannosaurus adult and juvenile.

  • the light brown psittacosaurus that appears in the last image, is it a different color version made from the factory or is it painted by a particular person?

  • I really like this figure even though i am not a huge schleich fan. I did a repaint on it and it really is a surprisingly detailed sculpt…Btw Where did you get that JP stone sign thing??

    • A dinosaur toy forum regular had done several versions of the sign for various species of dinosaur, and made them available on Shapeways. I as able to prevail upon the guy to do my psittacosaurus their own version complete with green herbivore highlights. I had the sign printed in painted sandstone, and voila….

  • This really is a rare grand slam for Schleich. I haven’t seen a dinosaur this good from them since their 2014 Pentaceratops. Granted they’ve always done Stegosaurus (we might as well throw in it’s little bro Kentrosaurus in their too, now.) very well via the 2012 version, but I consider the 2014 Pentaceratops as their best.

    Now, it looks like that toys has some serious competition.

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