Psittacosaurus (Starlux)

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Review and Photographs by Amargasaurus cazaui, edited by Gwangi

Starlux began in France, in 1945, producing small miniatures of soldiers and animals. In the late sixties and early seventies several launches were done of various prehistoric mammals, dinosaurs, and other animals, as well as prehistoric man.

The set is composed of 85 prehistoric animals and 13 prehistoric humans. They are very popular and highly sought after by collectors. Undamaged figures command premium prices, as the resin material is brittle and often damaged in shipping.

The reconstructions resemble the work of Zdenek Burian normally and are by modern standards often dated and inaccurate. On the plus side, the figures are all of original design and in some cases the only source for Permian animals and early mammals.

Many of the figures have been retired and are now hard to find. Psittacosaurus was launched in the mid 80’s as one of the last figures to be launched. A medium reddish tinged paint with grey claw details is normal for the figure.

The model is rather dated and has the Psittacosaurs walking on all fours, with a body plan closer to a canine than a dinosaur. Jugals appear to be absent as does the subdued frill the dinosaur should have. Hands and feet lack proper detail and overall the model seems more of a “caricature” of what the dinosaur might have been than anything scientifically accurate.

Rare, difficult to find, in high demand and easily broken, all lend themselves to make this an expensive model, and one seldom seen in most collections. My version has heavily pronounced casting seams, and the paint seems lightly worn or faded but is overall in good shape, considering age, and the travels the model had to have had.

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