Pterosaur (Chap Mei)

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It is not uncommon in the world of dinosaur toys to come across ones that appear to defy easy classification. Such is the case with the Chap Mei toy I will be reviewing here.


If memory serves me correctly, the original packaging for this creature described it as a Pteranodon. Anyone who knows their pterosaurs, however, can plainly see that that’s not the case. The large, blade-like crest on the head would seem to suggest either a Tapejara or a Tupandactylus, and the toy does indeed bear a suspicious resemblance to the JP3 Tapejara toy. But then there’s all those sharp teeth lining the inside of the bill to consider. So I’m just going to call this animal a pterosaur and leave it at that.


From the tip of the bill to the end of the tail, this flying ferocity measures about 15 cm long and has an impressive wingspan of 38 cm. Dark grey is the main colour, with greenish grey markings on the upper side of the wings. The head is black with red and yellow markings, white eyes and teeth, and a dark red tongue. Finally, the throat and chest are splashed with very light grey and the underside of the wings are dull blue with greenish grey markings. A pretty cool colour scheme.


The skin on the pterosaur’s main body is your standard scaly pattern while the upper side of the wings have a more leathery texture. The underbelly is covered in thick wrinkles, the tail bears a row of armoured osteoderms, and the crest and underside of the wings have large veins running through them. Speaking of the wings, they look more like those of a bat than a proper pterosaur. On a more positive note, they’re very posable thanks to the universal joints at the shoulders. The hind limbs also rotate at the hips. And finally, pressing the button on the pterosaur’s back causes the head to lower and the jaws to snap. I find this a much more satisfying action feature than the flapping wings you find on so many other pterosaur figures.


Taxonomy issues and batty wings aside, this is a pretty neat pterosaur. Its freaky and frightful appearance is compliment by its bright colours, and its articulation and snapping jaws definitely make it fun to play with.


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