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Review: Tapejara (Dinostar)

4.5 (6 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

Don’t know that much about Dinostar, just that they appear to be another Chinese company and one of the wave of new manufacturers moving into the field of making prehistoric animal figures in the last few years. As far as I can tell they have a small range of about five items so far; this Tapejara, a Psittacosaurus, a Smilodon, a Mosasaurus, and the almost obligatory Tyrannosaurus rex.

Review: Tapejara (Jurassic World Dino Rivals/Primal Attack Savage Strike by Mattel)

2.2 (53 votes)

Ever since I, Emperor Dinobot, managed to get most of my Jurassic pterosaurs on the ceiling, I made the reealization that doing so would make it impossible for me to review certain individuals, especially many of the repaints and retools Mattel has released in the last few years.

Review: Tapejara (Wild Safari Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.3 (9 votes)
Tapejara is a pterosaur from the Cretaceous deposits of Brazil. Historically, several species have been referred to this genus, each species was differentiated based on the shape and size of their head crests. Safari’s offering shows a tall semicircular crest and a long prong protruding from the back of the head, this arrangement is characteristic of the species Tapejara imperator.
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