Raptor Series Nestlings Three Pack (Amber)(Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

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Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

My next review for the 1/6 scale Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series will focus on the Amber Nestlings pack. Currently there are three Nestlings packs available in amber, black, and grey color schemes. There are also prototypes for a White Nestlings pack, but those are not available yet. Each pack contains three nestlings and three small bases with foot pegs. Each pack’s nestlings and bases corresponds to the color schemes of the nests and figures included in the environment packs. The Amber Nestlings pack color scheme corresponds with the Desert Environment pack, the Grey Nestlings with the Mountains Environment pack, and the Black Nestlings with the Forest Environment pack. The not yet available White Nestlings color scheme correspond to the Wetlands Environment pack.

Each nestling included is in a different pose. There is a running nestling, a standing nestling, and a resting nestling. Each pack contains one of each of these. The only difference is again the color schemes. Each nestling features jaw, neck, torso, arm, leg, and tail articulation. The tail is also made of a bendy rubber material, similar to the Environment Pack theropods, and the Deluxe raptor action figures. The bases are all the same, so are interchangeable between any of the nestling figures, or even the critters from the Environment packs, as the small base is the same sculpt included with those.

None of the nestling figures are based on any dromaeosaurid in particular. They are generic so they are able to be used as offspring for any of the larger Deluxe raptor action figures. With that in mind, they are sculpted as if they are covered in down, like modern bird chicks, so probably following the current scientific consensus on dromaeosaurids in general. Their proportions also reflect a younger animal, with larger limbs and heads in comparison to their body size. The Amber Nestlings seem to have their colors based off emu chicks.

If you are interested in baby dinosaur figures, or just want some offspring for the deluxe raptor action figures from this line, I highly recommend picking these, or any of the other sets up. They are up on Dan’s Dinosaurs, Big Bad Toy Store, the soon-to-be-up-and-running Creative Beast Studio website, and eventually Everything Dinosaur.

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