Sarcosuchus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

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Crocodilians have always garnered a special interest to me, modern or extinct. From the powerful predators we know today, with up to one tonne bites, to the oddities of the past. This includes giants like this review’s subject, Sarcosuchus, one of the largest crocodilians ever known, known to feed on dinosaurs.

When I first obtained this figure, I was surprised by the size of it, much bigger than expected, 10.9″ long and 1.8″ high, much bigger than the CollectA model. It works well alongside other dinosaur models based on this era, like Carcharodontosaurus from CollectA. The colours are a mix of browns, sandy browns and black, matching the patterns of modern crocs and working well, matching the astounding sculpting. I also love the pose. It may not match the dynamic pose of other Sarcosuchus models, but this shows it in a pose few crocodilians are shown with, extinct or extant: the crocodile high walk. This pose is between the lizard based sprawl and an upright gait, it allows crocodilians to move quickly for a short amount of time, and is captured brilliantly here.

Sarcosuchus face off! The new Safari model vs the old CollectA figure.

Let’s talk anatomical accuracy! This is pretty spot on, down to the long tail, muscular body and osteoderms along the back. My only nitpick is the skull. While it certainly looks like the animal, over hanging teeth included, it seems a bit on the short side, needing a bit more length to truly match. Otherwise, smashing.

Sarcosuchus vs Carcharodontosaurus: battle for the feast!
(Though neither has noticed lunch has wondered off.)

For such a titanic reptile, it always felt like most models are much smaller than they should be. This model, however, gives the animal the bulk and size it deserves. The sculpt and colours are gorgeous, with any problems being negligible at best. For me, this is the best Sarcosuchus on the market and well worth picking up, for collector and kids alike. It won’t disappoint.

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