Smilodon (Bullyland)

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Photographs and review by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs,’ edited by Suspsy

Bullyland is well known for its range of prehistoric animal models for an old museum line, which is now sadly discontinued. One week ago, I saw many Bullyland figures put on sale at my local toy shop; there were modern animal figures and some prehistoric ones that are still in production. Among them was this Smilodon figure. I seized the opportunity to buy and review it, especially as it was put at a reasonable price. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This model measures 10 cm in length and 5 cm in height. Sources on the internet say that this model was released in 2013, along with a Machairodus. The model is in a dynamic pose with its right arm raised, as if the beast is ready to pounce and attack. The ears are flat against the head, suggesting it is aggressive, with its great fangs ready to attack and stab. There is a mane around the neck, just like a modern lion’s. I do not think that Smilodon had a mane, but at least it is not as exaggerated as Papo’s 2018 version.

The color scheme is chocolate brown for the small mane, light brown for the body, yellow for the eyes, black dots for the pupils, ivory white for the teeth, dark grey for the claws, pink for the nose, a pale, black for the lower lip and paws, and a creamy white for the underside. The sculpt reflects the powerful build of the animal very well. Details include the sculpted fur, the underside of the paws, wrinkles near the open mouth, muscle definition on the flanks and the arms, and the mane and the presence of visible genitalia indicate without doubt that this individual is a male.

The color scheme is a little bit bland, but that may be just me. If you think you know which the three Smilodon species this model is based on, let me know down in the comments section. I think that Bullyland should not have retired its Museum Line line; they would have gone well with the models that are still in production. I think that Bullyland is based mainly on Disney characters and is now moving away from dinosaurs and prehistoric animals because they released nothing special for 2017 except for resculpts of their Archaeopteryx and Triceratops. And for 2018, I do not think they have released nothing new, which is disappointing.

Anyways, back to our model. The face is a bit cartoony and the paint is a bit sloppy, but that is fine. Papo is much better at sculpting realistic feline faces.

Overall, the Bullyland Smilodon ranks pretty well. The material is very light and durable, it is very playable (you can pose it with other Ice Age animal figures like in the images above and below) and I can see no inaccuracies. If you happen to see some, once again, let me know in the comments section. This Smilodon is currently out of stock on Everything, so I hope that it becomes in stock again. In the mean time, you can try buying it on Amazon or eBay. I hope that you enjoyed my review, have a nice day, and until next time, cheers!

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  • I think this is easily one of the worst Smilodon figures ever made. I think this figure is HORRIBLY to thin and sickly for a Smilodon. I don’t think it has any Scientific accuracy whatsoever. It is even comical looking to my eyes. Mojo fun’s Smilodon rendering is thousands of times more accurate in every way.

  • I think this is easily one of the worst Smilodon figures made. I think this figure is horribly to thin and sickly for a Smilodon. I don’t think it has any scientific accuracy whatsoever. It is even comic looking to my eyes.

  • Unfortunately it belongs to the last epoch of prehistoric animals of Bullyland. What I see as an error in this figure by Bullyland are his eyes resemble those of a zombie. Otherwise his sculpture is acceptable and ending is a pity that Bullyland has withdrawn his production of prehistoric animal figures.

    Many of them were pretty good. With regard to prehistoric felines was never successful this great company that nevertheless made the best figures of prehistoric Triassic animals and large representations of mammals such as chalicotherium, mammoth primigenius, coelodonta antiquitatis, megatherium or diatryma among other remarkable figures, as well as dinosaurs like the very rare lambeosaurus in the toy market in general.

  • Dejankins still offers this piece for only $9.00 U.S.

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