Styracosaurus (Antediluvia Collection)

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I really do like Styracosaurus very much. So much, in fact, that I decided to break my long absence from writing reviews with yet another rendition of this lovely spiked ceratopsid. Today we will be looking at David Krentz’s sculpt from his Antediluvia line.

Accuracy wise this little fellow is pretty much perfect. The head is nice and big when compared to the rest of the body and the tail is also the right length. These are two things that are usually botched up with reconstructing ceratopsids. The skull itself is also shaped correctly with the frill at a steeper angle off of the head. The size and number of frill spikes is correct as well as the number and lengths of toes and fingers. Even the position of the wrists can arguably be viewed as correct. It is now known that ceratopsids held their front limbs palms in like theropods did. This model was sculpted before that knowledge was known but the arms still sort of look like they are doing that anyway to me.

I like the pose on this model. Its on all fours with its left front limb sort of raised as if it were about to start walking. Its head is also cocked to the side in a most quizzical manner. This model comes unpainted so there is no review for color or paintjob to write. This is actually one of my favorite aspects of this line. There are plenty of paint-it-yourself models out there but few are as reasonably priced or as accurate as David Krentz’s. So when it comes to color just put up with my paintwork for the duration of this review (Yes I made it look like a zebra…or a mime. Deal with it.)

The detail on this guy is also fantastic. Despite how tiny it is there are plenty of wrinkles and creases sculpted into the model. There are also tiny raised bumps on the animal’s back. It is now known that at least one kind of large ceratopsid had raised bumpy scales on its hide. I am unsure if this model was sculpted before that discovery but either by luck or knowledge it can be considered correct.

All in all this is probably my favorite member of the Antediluvia line. Don’t ask me why since all of them are really nice. This one just grew on me the most. I also had the most fun painting it. Like the others it comes unattached from a base so there is some glue work required as well in addition to paintwork. Its very small (1:72 scale) so its also reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

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