Styracosaurus (Dinotales Series 3 by Kaiyodo)

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Styracosaurus was a centrosaurine ceratopsid from the Late Cretaceous in what is now North America. It is well known and popular amongst dinosaur fans because of its unique and menacing horn style. Despite the fact that many other ceratopsian dinosaurs with what seems to be increasingly bizarre horn adornments have since been unearthed, Styracosaurus still remains one of the most striking.

This rendition of Styracosaurus is very accurate to science and only falls short when it comes to the hand placement which should be angled with the palms facing inward (Something discovered after this model was made). Other than that one detail, this little guy is very much up to date with science. The placement of the horns around the frill is exactly the same as it is on the real animal’s skull right down to the the smaller epoccipitals lining the frill. Its centrosaurine snout is deep as it should be as oppose to the more slender faces of its distant three-horned relatives. The front limbs are in a pose where they are being held close to the body but its still evident that they would be correctly splayed out to the sides. The tail is the right length and the hands and feet all have the correct number of digits.

The detail is really great. I think its interesting how they chose to give this dinosaur very large widened scales all over the head. This kind of detail is even on the back of the frill. The body has a fair amount of wrinkles and creases on it as well. Finally, I couldn’t help but notice how sharp the horns on this guy are.

The color scheme on this model is rather original. The body is a dark golden brown with small yellow dots lining the flanks except on the neck where the dots are dark brown. The entire head is a bright sunny orange with light yellow painted on the surfaces of the plate-like scales. The eye has a brown ring around it and the bases of all the horns are light gray. Not a color scheme I would have personally thought to assign to Styracosaurus but it works nice.

This is a great little representation of Styracosaurus. It is one of the more commonly found Dinotales figures on the internet for sale and it should be able to be obtained for a reasonable price.

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