Triceratops (Antediluvia Collection)

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I decided that it was time again for me to do a review of my favorite dinosaur, Triceratops. Furthermore, it is also from my favorite line of models, David Krentz’s Antediluvia collection.

Painted by Griffin

Like all of the dinosaurs represented in this line. There is very little to complain about with this piece with regards to scientific accuracy. The only tiny detail that could be changed is the positioning of the front feet(or hands) so that the palms face each other. Other than that (based on new evidence that came out after this model was made) this figure is flawless. I love how the head is nice and big and the tail is short. Too often I see ceratopsian representations with the front legs fully erect like a rhino or totally splayed like a lizard but this one got it perfect. The front legs are properly splayed ever so slightly and angled out to the sides.

The detail is superb. This is intensified even more so given the extremely small size of the model. The epoccipitals around the frill are all individually sculpted as are the toes and fingers. There are lots of folds and wrinkles on the body that really give the piece life. Even the eye is sculpted with a lot of expression. I especially love the subtle presence of the pelvis poking through on the animal’s lower back. I should also mention that Triceratops is one of the members of this line who’s base is also pretty intricate. It’s full of cracks like dried mud which I thought was really neat.

The pose is really cool on this piece. It’s actively trotting with its head angled slightly to the side and back as if it were running away from and keeping an eye on some out of the frame predator or rival. It looks especially good next to the Antediluvia Tyrannosaurus.

As with all of the members of this line, this piece comes unpainted and unassembled. This means that you should be prepared to do some handy work with glue and a razor blade since there are frequently extra bits of resin hanging off of the model from when it was cast. Painting is up to you though. I personally love painting these things and find it half the fun of owning them to begin with but some people prefer to leave them as is.

Unpainted photo provided by Postsaurischian.

Painted by forum member, Sarcasmosaur.

So all in all I say this is an A+ piece as are all the Antediluvia models. It has it all; detail, accuracy, affordability, small size for those of us short on space and an opportunity for you to express your creative side. Like all members of this line, it’s in 1:72 scale and can be bought from David Krentz’s website here.

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