Triceratops (Dinotales Series 5 by Kaiyodo)

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Triceratops is the largest known ceratopsian and lived at the very end of the reign of dinosaurs in what is now North America. Kaiyodo came out with two different renditions of this dinosaur, one in its first series and then a newer, more up to date rendition in its fifth series featured here.

This is a really accurate representation of Triceratops. Its skull matches the skulls of real specimens perfectly. If anything I think the horns could afford to be longer considering how the living animal probably had a layer of horn over the bone horns making them significantly longer but what they have here is fine just the same. The front limbs are correctly splayed but the hands are angled the wrong way unfortunately. After this model was made, it was discovered that Triceratops had a series of large, almost cone-shaped scales on its body. Other than those two things (both discovered after the production of this figure) this piece is perfect with regards to scientific accuracy.

As with all the animals in the Dinotales line, this figure has very nice detail for being so small. The body is covered with wrinkles and there are small wide scales on the fingers and toes. The frill is lined with epoccipitals that are all individually sculpted and it also has a row of reptilian spines (based off of speculation) going down the back that get slightly longer as they approach the tail. Even the back of the frill has fine detailing.

The colors on this model are mostly dark gray with a dark amber color on the frill. There are slight pinkish undertones as well, most noticeable on and around the nostrils. The claws and spines are light gray and the epoccipitals are beige. The frill has a interesting light yellow pattern that almost resembles the shape of antlers. Triceratops was also available in an alternate paint scheme that showcased a lot more pink.

Other color scheme available for this Triceratops.
Other color scheme available for this Triceratops.

I really like this representation of Triceratops. Its a little different from what is traditionally done yet still remains very accurate to science. If you like this kind of dinosaur or are a fan of the Dinotales, this is highly recommended by me to obtain.

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