Triceratops horridus (The Fallen Queen Ver. 2) (Rebor)

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The large female browses peacefully, unaware of the danger she is in. Her huge frill and horns block her vision, and the predator approaches from behind. Stealthily, the Tyrannosaurus moves into position. By the time the queen has realised her danger, it is too late, as the king sinks it’s huge teeth deep into her neck. Her life is over, now simply a meal for the predator.

T. rex comes to feast

Whilst most dinosaur figures show them in full displays of life, death is inevitable, one way or another. In recent years, companies like CollectA and Rebor have produced models of dead animals, allowing to mix up displays and inject a more options for play. Here, we see one of Rebor’s efforts, The Fallen Queen, a dead Triceratops that is meant to be displayed with the King Rex, as it is modelled so it can stand with one foot on the Triceratops (I am saying this as I lack the King Rex figure, but the review of it will let you picture the pose). Is it a beautiful cadaver or a dead dud? Let’s see……

I feel I should point out the difference between this and Version 1, which is a slightly different colour scheme, otherwise it’s more or less the same. The underside shows how it is meant to be displayed, and what figures to do that with (though King Trident is as yet unreleased).

To the figure itself! Unlike the more gory CollectA models, the only damage is the bite to the neck. It’s bloody, but not overdone. This feels like a fresh kill rather than a decaying corpse, no rigour mortis, just a collapsed animal. The colours, aside from the red blood, is darker greens and beige, not particularly bright, but that works here, for a large herbivore. As a 1:35 scale figure, it is quite large, measuring 8″ wide (8.4″ with base), 2.6″ high (3″ with base) and 3.4″ long (4.4″ with base). It is also quite heavy, so best to be careful with it.

Accuracy is very high, very little wrong here. No shrink wrapping, leg length right and horns and frills all right. Not too much to say here, all good.

Land of the fallen, featuring Rebor’s Ceryneian Hind and CollectA’s dead Triceratops, T. rex, Stegosaurus and a cameo for an upcoming review……

This is a beautiful model, well sculpted, painted and made. I can’t recommend it enough, and say it’s well worth picking up. It is still readily available from online retailers for a reasonable price. It is more of a collectors piece than a child’s toy, but one that will take pride and place on a collector’s shelf. It truly is a gem.

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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  • For me Rebor’s triceratops carcass along with the tenontosaurus of the same species are by far the best carcass dinosaurs ever made by a dinosaur company. Rebor’s beautiful triceratops repaint is to be celebrated even though I would have preferred a dead model with a different pose.

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