Triceratops (Kabaya)

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Review and photos by Brandon. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Since theinitial discovery  of this ancient animal  in the 1880s by O. C. Marsh, Triceratops has become one of the most well known of all of the dinosaurs.  Today in the 21st century, it still remains one of the largest of the Ceratopsia. Like the Tyrannosaurus rex, the “Three Horned Face” is quite popular and has countless figurines and statues produced throughout the decades, many are good but few are great. The Triceratops by Kabaya is quite a marvel and is reminiscent in style to Triceratops drawn by dinosaur illustrator David Peters.

Triceratops Kabaya
Triceratops Kabaya

The sculpting is quite exciting. The head is great, just great. the head frill has small spikes around it with tendon-like bones coming through the skin. The three horns are a decent length, the nose has sculpted nostrils and the beaked mouth is open with a visible tongue. The texturing of the skin is like the others in the series depicting them as veterans of the Mesozoic. There is small osteoderms present on the back in several rows and these tiny scale plates reach down to the end of his tail. The Triceratops’ legs are short like they should be and has the five-toed front legs and the three-toed hindquarters and the short tail. He also sports a large belly with a midsection that was previously done with the other dinosaurs in the set. Kabaya’s sculpting on the Triceratops is top notch and is one of the most attractive and coolest to date. The stand is similar to the other figures’ stands but its not peggable – there is foot impressions that you place the figure on but he isn’t secure. The stand is of a rocky terrain to match the North American soil of the T-rex stands.

Triceratops Kabaya
Triceratops Kabaya

The paint application is actually OK except for some blotches on the claws, other than the eyes and everything else is painted consistently with vibrant colors especially the neck because it is colored as a weathered skin as seen with many species of the Reptilia.

Triceratops Kabaya

Overall, Kabaya’s Triceratops is a cool entry in the series and is in fine scale with the Tyrannosaurs within the series. This is truly for any Ceratopsian lover because it just looks fantastic on the shelf!

Triceratops Kabaya
Triceratops Kabaya

I purchased the Kabaya set of five on eBay and it is sometimes available here but can be scarce.

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