Triceratops (Playmobil)

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A Triceratops and her baby are munching on yummy plants. Suddenly the mother senses that something is wrong. Quickly she leads her baby to safety as the nearby volcano begins to rumble!


Playmobil’s version of the número uno ceratopsid measures 23 cm long and stands 9 cm tall at the hips. Its colour scheme is mustard yellow with brown spots, bone white beak, horns, epoccipitals, and claws, and brown eyes. Looks very reminiscent of a giraffe.


The Triceratops‘ mouth opens wide, its head can move up and down, and its limbs rotate. Despite its simple design, it looks rugged and powerful. I especially like the ridges on the frill and the many epoccipitals. The blunt horns are made of soft plastic and the tip of the tail is rounded to ensure no gruesome accidents during play.


Here’s the sweet little baby Triceratops. It measures a mere 9 cm long and is coloured dull yellow with light brown spots, white beak, horns, and epoccipitals, and brown eyes.


The baby’s little rounded head can swing up and down and its limbs rotate. It is positively adorable.


Also included in this set are an orange and purple lizard and a dinosaur skeleton made up of nine snap-together pieces. The skeleton stands 11 cm tall, measures 18 cm long, and is articulated at the head, shoulders, hips, and ankles. As you can see, it’s pretty generic, but it appears to be the remains of a young tyrannosaur. Payback for that Triceratops skull that came with the T. rex set.


And here are the two male SAURUS researchers, one with brown hair and one with black. I’ve named them Edward and Othniel. Their equipment consists of a camera, a map, a radio, a GPS, a tripod-mounted motion sensor (I think), a sidearm, a transparent cage that the lizard can be placed in, and a case containing a syringe, a scalpel, forceps, and surgical scissors. Um, should we be concerned for that lizard?


The playset is by far the biggest in the 2007 line. It’s a volcano with a grassy patch around the base, assorted ferns, a large and beautiful flowering plant, a shallow pit with a sliding ledge that you can place the dinosaur bones in, and a cave entrance at the rear. The flowering plant and the orange fern are interchangeable. The primary play feature of this layout is that the volcano can erupt. Pressing down on a tab on the back of the volcano causes the red magma piece to pop up and send four large chunks of rock flying into the air! To reset the volcano, you simply need to push the magma back down and replace the rocks around the rim. Quite fun!


The Triceratops set is guaranteed to appeal to dinosaur fans of all ages. Just keep in mind that it is one of the biggest sets, and therefore fairly pricey and space-consuming.

Available from here and here.

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  • I really like this Triceratops, although the frill shape, which is a little more angular, reminds me more of Arrhinoceratops or maybe Eotriceratops. Either way, awesome toys!

  • There used to be a catalogue that you could buy spare parts for playmobil separately- including animals by themselves if you didn’t want to purchase the whole set!

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