Triceratops (Simba)

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Have you ever wondered where the name „greenhorn“comes from? Well, here is the answer. Just take a quick look at the head of this Simba Triceratops!
Simba is a German company producing and selling nearly every kind of toy. Their rubber dinosaurs are just a small section of their assortment. Are they relevant for us collectors? I would say, in part.

Simba Triceratops is a massive, solid piece of rubber, amply detailed in overall appearance, though not scientifically correct – and has a lousy paintjob. They simply covered everything in red and a poisonously looking green. Horns, beak, feet, everything. Only its eyes are yellow with black pupils.
The clean grey border and the Indian – style three striped painting of the frill are too much cliché. The pose is static, the horns are pointing forward. Is it browsing? Is it defending itself or its herd? Or is it simply doing nothing? One cannot tell because it is not clear-cut.

Everything at this ceratopsian is too unimaginative to fulfil higher claims. But I think it was intended to be rather a sandbox – category – figure right from the start.

If Simba Triceratops was a simple “chinasaur” (and most readers know by now what is meant by this) it would pass as a surprise. If it was a museum – style figure I would say it´s close to an outage.
If it had another, less crude paintjob it would easily pass as a Schleich – figure. For AAA – style again it is too detailed.
It´s up to you to decide if these are compliments or downers.

If I had not found the figure interesting and a good addition to my ceratopsian section, I would not have ordered it. My personal rating is 3 stars.

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