Tyrannnosaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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Feathered or scaly? Upright or vertical? Predator or scavenger? The king of the tyrant lizards has gone through a lot of changes over the last century, and I dare say will continue to alter as more discoveries are made. As a result, there are hundreds of figures, representing all the variations it could possibly have. Here we see Geoworld’s attempt, from their first expedition. How does it fair? Let’s see…..

Geoworld’s fact cards have been a massive bedbug for plagiarism, but since being bought out from being liquidated, it seems they’ve learnt from the past. The pictures now seem to be stylised versions of the models, which means they are not stolen artworks (at least not for the original pictures, the colouring of the models themselves may still be suspect). This is a step in a better direction. If only the model had been updated.

The first is the original card, the second is the new one, based on the new one, looking more like their model.

This colour scheme is atrocious! Bright orange, yellow and blue may be eye catching, but they do not combine well here. I might not have minded as much if the application was better. The paint is slapdash and applied horribly. The black nails are the only redeeming quality of the paint job, but even then it’s been botched by not being completely covered. The teeth are the worse, where some are not painted enough, or it runs onto the lips. If it were more subdued, like in the fact card, it would work a lot better. The pose is ok, roaring whilst moving off. It measures 7.2″ from tail to snout and 3.4″ high (3.8″ if you add the base).

Right, now to really pull this apart: accuracy. The left foot has had it’s toes stretched out horribly, making it cartoonish. The hands are pronated, and the arms are a tad long. The head is off too, as the eyes face outwards and the snout curls up in a bizarre manner. The rest is ok, but the downsides really hamper it.

This is another flop from the early Geoworld line. The colours are terrible, the accuracy more misses than hits and it’s bizarre 1:70 scale means it won’t fit with many collectors pieces or displays. This is definitely a play pit figure, but even then there are much better Tyrannosaurus models out there than this psychedelic piece. Skip it.

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